"Football training" can be learned from scratch! Learn Zidane's Marseille maneuver in three steps

Action explanation

Let's break down technical movements of entire Marseille roundabout so that everyone can understand.

Taking right foot touching ball as an example, first quickly run up to ball, then lightly touch ball with forefoot of right foot, and use ankle strength to make ball stop moving forward and roll back a little. After right foot stops ball, it lands in front of ball. At this time, pay attention to direction of foot, and heel should be aligned with direction of ball, that is, direction to turn.

After right foot touches ground, center of gravity of body should be quickly transferred to right foot, and then turn around, left foot should immediately be lifted up, and sole of foot should be used to control football. At this time, pay attention to use right side of your body to block defender's position, preventing him from touching soccer ball.

The last step is to use momentum of body to turn back 180 degrees, pull ball with left foot, rotate body in direction of ball and take next step depending on court situation.



The whole move must be done in one go, movements of both legs must be consistent, and remember that they must be sloppy because opportunities on court are often short-lived.


It's better to use your lead foot to stop ball because you'll be using your lead foot to turn around later, so your lead foot needs to be more stable.


The movement of forefoot must be soft, otherwise you will struggle.


Turn in right direction or you'll run into someone else.

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May 15, 2023