[Football Training] 2 classic and practical extraordinary skills

1. Neymar pulls ball and rocks bike to change direction

Let's look at Neymar's game first:

Look again at demo

Pull ball with your leading foot away from supporting foot,

Continue to imitate your lead foot when ball is in front of your face

And let ball pass quickly.

Look at it from a different angle

After ball misses, pivot foot is quickly thrown outward to deceive defender.

Another full demo

2. Cross step, feint in place

Stepping over and changing direction is a very practical trick on football field,

If you use it right, you can enrich yourself with extraordinary skills

Taking a right-handed player as an example, starting with left foot,

Pay attention to position of transition point, rotate ankle,

Let toe area near outside of instep of foot face soccer ball

The body is slightly tilted forward, and center of gravity is on right leg

The right foot takes a large step over ball, making a jumping motion,

When landing, left foot pushes ball away from right foot

In particular

Use your right forefoot to dribble

Instead of instep and toe

Then turn around and quickly turn to right,

Throw ball outward with your right foot to speed up and get rid of the defender

The defender can be caught due to your previous two actions

And stretch out your legs to intercept ball,

At this point, you can complete his crotch piercing.

Your attention is the biggest motivation for Xiaobei!

May 15, 2023