Without a good sense of ball, I would not dare to do this action by accident (movie demonstration)

Rainbow is a dribbling technique in which ball falls from sky.

In first step, arch of dominant foot is placed behind ball, and at same time, observe position of defenders in front to accurately assess distance between them.

In second step, non-dominant foot is placed in front of ball, forming a catch-the-ball posture with dominant foot. At this time, you should pay attention to defender's attack and be ready to defend ball at any time.

The third step is to squeeze ball with your lead foot, pick it up and lift it off ground.

Fourth step, when ball reaches shin, hit ball overhead with heel of your non-dominant foot, let ball fly over your and your opponent's heads, and complete break.

The most famous rainbow dribbling occurred at World Cup between Korea and Japan in 2002, in a match between Brazil and Turkey. Then Turkish player Ilhan broke through on right flank and collided with defense of Roberto Carlos. defender was above his head, Carlos was in a hurry and fouled to stop Irhan's attack, and Irhan became famous for this ball.

The most important thing is a good feeling for ball. The key is to keep balance of body. This kind of action visual is perfect, something that rarely comes up in amateur courses, but once it comes along and succeeds, it really is breathtaking.

Your attention is biggest motivation for Xiaobei!

May 15, 2023