The position of goalkeeper must be worked out in this way! (gift show)

Goalkeeper is a very important position, a complex of different technologies, including many technical elements, which can play a big role in attacking and defending a team. For goalkeepers, improving their professional ability is a top priority. Here are a few methods to train goalkeepers.

Kneeling ball

When catching ball from left side, slide left side in a gliding step, extend left leg, lift right foot on tiptoe, press right foot to ground below knee, kneel and rest near left foot. after touching ground, tilt upper body forward, head forward, elbows together, palms facing ball. When touching ball, bend your elbows and wrists back and hold ball from below.

Catch high ball

When incoming ball is level with chest and facing incoming ball, extend forearm upwards with thumbs of both hands facing each other in a figure-eight pattern, remaining four fingers slightly bent and palms facing ball. At moment ball touches, apply force with your fingers and wrists to push and catch ball, twist your wrist and bend your elbows and pull ball down to hold ball in front of your chest.

Introducing ball

When catching a low ball from left side, stand facing flying ball, quickly press your right foot to ground, bend your left leg and take a step to left, after which your body will fall to left. After left foot touches ground, calves, thighs, buttocks, upper torso and outer sides of arms are on ground in turn. At same time, both arms are extended towards ball. Palm Left hand facing ball. The right hand is above front of left hand. Two thumbs close together. Push your chest back and stand up.


To deflect an incoming ball in a large arc and close to crossbar or a powerful and corner kick when ball is not tackled or cannot be directly caught, accelerate in direction of incoming ball and foot close to ball is on ground, work hard .

Let body bounce as far as possible, extend body by arching back, quickly extend one arm, palm towards ball, use front of hand and fingers to push ball back up or to side so that ball goes over crossbar or goal post.


Learning to catch a ground ball and a flat ball requires help of another person and can also be used for shooting practice (comfortable and durable gloves with high grip).

Start practicing jumping and catching ball, sit straight on ground and place ball correctly. Body to sides to sketch familiar with action. The above methods with more practice can improve goaltender's save rate very well and your team will benefit greatly as well.

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May 17, 2023