"Training" will teach you four ways to train speed and sensitivity!

Speed ​​and agility are focus of football players' training. On football field, you need to keep your body upright and use arches of your feet to pass or dribble with quick, agile steps. You must train angle of sole of foot so that sole of foot hits ground with maximum force and use glutes to drive hip, otherwise bad posture can slow you down with ball. Your knees should move up and down like pistons, pushing your center of gravity and pushing your body forward. The front of foot should touch ground first. The following speed drills will help you develop proper technique to become power everyone on court depends on. "Training" will teach you four ways to train speed and sensitivity!

First step

Repeated sprint training

This exercise simulates actions on court, for example, actions of defense in assessing attacking intentions of opponent and capturing ball. It also improves acceleration from retreat to sprint.

1. Place 5 obstacles in a straight line about 5 yards apart. Number obstacles from 1 to 5.

2. Stand in place of Obstacle 1, duck down and run towards Obstacle 3.

3. Run back to obstacle 2. Keeping your core tight, lower your body and put your weight on balls of your feet.

4. Change direction with your leg strength and rush towards obstacle 4. As you run, lift your knees high for explosive power and land on balls of your feet as you land.

5. Run back to obstacle 3.

6. Change direction one last time and quickly run towards obstacle 5.

Second step

Bend, bend and run

This exercise can effectively help you master correct angle, adjust your center of gravity, and improve your ability to accelerate from a standing position.

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, body straight from ankles to neck. Lean forward until you fall, that is, until moment when you will gnaw at ground if you do not take a step forward. This is critical to generating forward momentum and approximate angle required for efficient acceleration. Many people think that they lean forward too much, but they are not, so be brave!

1. Leaning forward, lift your heel and land on front of your foot. Don't bend over.

2. When you can no longer lean forward, shift your knees, push off ground, and push your torso forward.

3. Hold your elbow joint at a 90 degree angle and rotate your shoulder joint.

4. Keep your hands open and relaxed.

5. Run fast 10-20 yards.

6. Return to starting point to restore energy.

7. Repeat 8-10 times.

Third step

Begin push-ups

This workout can enhance leg striking power, master explosive skills, improve buttock strength, and achieve lower body strength balancing effect.

1. Place 2 obstacles 20m apart.

2. Lie down on obstacle 1, hands in push-up position.

3. Get up immediately as soon as you hear signal, run and overcome obstacle 2.

4. While sprinting, try to lower your body.

5. Return to starting point to restore strength.

6. Repeat 6-8 times.

Step 4


This workout can improve your acceleration from jogging to sprinting and simulate action on pitch so you can effectively transition from following ball around court to approaching defensive line and preparing to show off your skills.

1. setupThere are 2 obstacles 20 m apart. Place third obstacle 10 yards from second obstacle.

2. Step and run from Obstacle 1 to Obstacle 2 at 75% speed.

3. Lean forward at angle of acceleration and race as hard as you can towards obstacle 3.

4. Return to starting point to restore strength.

5. Repeat 6-8 times.

If you need to change training process, first half can be replaced by a slow trot instead of a walk.

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June 11, 2023