Facing goalkeeper, it is best to handle such a ball with one hand!

First of all, you have to understand basic idea behind goalkeeper.

1. The goalkeeper moves his position according to position of attacking players.

(Always face attacker)

2. The goalkeeper will try to reduce angle of your shot.

The goalkeeper moves with attacking player

The goalkeeper takes lead to expand defensive zone

Knowing idea of ​​blocking goalkeeper,

You just know how to kick.

So, where should we fight?

1. Actually, where to kick,

It depends on where kick can take goalkeeper by surprise.

Usually when a goaltender saves in opposite direction of travel,

This will definitely take longer.

Therefore, kicking in opposite direction of goalkeeper's movement at this time is usually more likely to succeed.

(play right and left, play left and right)

It is difficult for goalkeeper to hit in opposite direction

2. If angle of throw at this time is small, and goalkeeper has already taken a good position.

Then you should shoot into near corner, which is shorter and gives goalkeeper less time to react.

It can also take goalkeeper by surprise.

(Of course, if you're sure, you can bypass goaltender's guard.)

Bell's magic ball is jammed, but we're having a hard time getting it out

How to choose footwork?

1. How to choose footwork to save setup time,

Second, make sure you can get to right place

(or desired ball speed) and desired ball speed.

If goalkeeper has already attacked to block you

Then you can choose to poke and shoot, arch support ejection...

This type of footwork requires less time to adapt.

(The smaller swing of hip, faster shot)

Hidden kick on tiptoe, goalkeeper has nothing to do

2. Don't forget saying that great effort can work wonders,

When hitting a target from a small angle.

It will be difficult to react to a serial shot.

Direct shot at a low angle, effect is most realistic

Choose most efficient move

Because gate will try to decrease its angle of attack,

So you need to know how to open defensive corner.

Choose a practical and good move,

This will make it easier for you to play against the goalkeeper.

Choose a simple and practical way to open multiple angles

Your attention is biggest motivation for Xiaobei!

June 21, 2023