"Extraordinary Football Lesson" 4 things to pay attention to when you beat others in a real fight!

What I'm offering you today is not a specific how-to guide, but a little reminder of actual combat.

Many friends often face this situation: "Obviously, personal practice is good, why is it different in real combat?"

The first thing to be clear is that basic skills are still most important. People with good basic skills tend to be good at dribbling and passing others. If you have good basic skills, but dribbling and dribbling is still unstable, then problem is probably how to apply technology in a real fight.

Change to Move

This is an important criterion for evaluating ball handling. Whether change of direction is neat and whether it can get past people is knowledge of change of direction and movement.


Slow down. If you want to change direction, you first need to slow down. If ball speed is too high, it will be more difficult to control.


Reducing center of gravity. If center of gravity is too high, it will be difficult to focus on movements and steps. Lowering center of gravity can make movements more continuous.


Pay attention to where ball is. The pivot foot cannot be too far away from ball, as this will result in a loss of speed.

Swap legs

Don't rely too much on your dominant foot as your ball will be severely restricted. You should increase your non-dominant leg practice and add some skill changes. It will be difficult for opponent to see the next move. so you won't be heavily guarded.

Change of rhythm

This is another key to great dribbling, and it's part that amateurs need to experience most.


Learn how to change gears. It is definitely not good to always play football with rhythm, because as long as opponent adapts to your style of play, then you have no chance at all. Learn to change speed, take lead to control rhythm of game, let opponent follow your rhythm and take lead.


Learn to find your own rhythm. Find your own sense of rhythm and you can create your own style. There aren't really many moves in football, but adding personal labels is another thing. (For example, Ronaldinho's oxtail, Da Luo's cycling...) The technical moves developed from your own understanding are most difficult to defend against others.

Bold action

Your level of confidence is also a factor influencing your technical moves.


Maybe on court there will be a feeling that no matter how you play, when you play evenly, you will fail if you play unevenly.

This is problem I've hinted at in my heart. Facing your opponent, you must make bold moves and grab ball again if you lose it. Once you have a mental load, it will be difficult for you to dribble well.

The above 4 points are small reminders, I hope to help everyone!

When you are in a narrow period of playing football, you need to think about it from time to time. It may not be a technical problem!

I hope everyone can get on court

Super God! !

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June 24, 2023