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How to deal with emergencies on the field! Add to bookmarks

Football is number one sport in world and countless people love to play it. However, football is a sport of intense confrontation and high intensity; every movement, theft, jump and collision can lead to injury. wound! Here to popularize golfers how to deal with accidental injuries on court!

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Skin abrasions

Skin abrasions are most common injury on court. They are caused by friction between skin and ground or rough objects after a fall or collision. Most often it is knees, hands, elbows and calves.

Treatment method: If a small area of ‚Äč‚Äčabrasion is cleaned with saline and then disinfected with iodophor, be sure to avoid bandaging. saline solution, and then disinfected with iodophor. Immediately go to hospital for further treatment to avoid infection of wound!

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Cramps are also most common injury on court. They usually occur in calf muscle of leg. There are many causes of cramps, for example: cold weather, accumulation of fatigue, excessive loss of electrolytes, constant muscle contraction, etc., which leads to cramps. Muscle stiffness, pain and spasm of muscles involved in joint flexion and extension dysfunction.

Treatment: pull stiff muscles in opposite direction, commonly called leg press, knead and massage. You can sit on court, straighten your hips and calves, turn instep. get up and freeze. After a few minutes, symptoms subside. If situation is serious, please find someone to stretch your legs. Stay hydrated and drink electrolyte drinks.

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Injuries caused by excessive pronation and hallux valgus caused by wrestling with rivals or court-ordered takeoffs and landings. Typical closed injury. Accompanied by swelling, bruising and pain. Ankle sprain.

How to deal with it. Try a few minor sports injuries after your injury to determine extent of your injury. Treat with ice compress for 48 hours, Yunnan Baiyao or cryogenic spray is recommended. After 48 hours, apply a hot compress and massage damaged part accordingly. If damaged part still cannot move, you need to go to hospital for further treatment. Under normal circumstances, after cold compresses, use hot compresses to recuperate.

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Muscle tension

Sprains are also most common on court. The tense area swells and hurts, and muscles are stiff and stiff, making it impossible to move. Most often in hamstrings. This often happens when warm-up is insufficient or physical condition is severely reduced. When sprinting with ball, throwing, long passing, sharp turning, emergency stop and forced repulsion, muscle contraction or stretching exceeds allowable limit.

Treatment method: Muscle strain is similar to collision swelling and refers to a closed injury. The early stage was treated with a cold compress and pressure bandage while injured muscle was placed in a relaxed position. Depending on situation, start massage after 24 or 48 hours and do not apply heat for first 48 hours!

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Knee injury

The knee is most complex joint in human body. You should be familiar with terms such as cruciate ligament, cruciate ligament, and meniscus. This is also most vulnerable part!

I think Ronaldo didn't play for two years because of a cruciate ligament injury. And because of consequences, this is also one of reasons for leaving football. Professional players are more prone to these types of injuries because they have more power and speed, and they also have hard fouls on pitch.

Method of treatment. A knee injury is accompanied by pain, intensity of pain depends on severity of injury. Some people can stay in game for up to half an hour after getting injured. If a knee injury is suspected, immediately rest with knee bent at 150 degrees. If it doesn't get better, go to hospital for an x-ray, an MRI. Once an injury is identified, surgery is required. The recovery process is very long, from 5 months to 1 year.

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Acruciate ligament injury

There are two very important ligaments in knee joint: anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament, which play a very important role in stabilizing knee joint. Ligament injuries are most common serious injury in soccer players. In order to prevent cruciate ligament injuries, it is necessary to strengthen strength exercises of hamstrings and quadriceps, maintain good flexibility, while at same time, special football exercises such as jumping and landing in air should be strengthened to improve flexibility and balance. One foot balance is very important for soccer players because many football skills require one foot balance, one foot turns and one foot jumps. Players should focus on landing when knee joint is bent to prevent injury.

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Meniscus injury

The main clinical manifestations of meniscal injury are: knee effusion, joint space pain, pain when locking and squatting. once damage surface of cartilage. Generally speaking, a torn meniscus needs to undergo surgery and then recover.

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Fractures also happen in professional arena, although they are rare in amateur realm. But just in case, if you encounter such injuries, you still need to master basic countermeasures.

What to do. Call an ambulance immediately. Do not move casualty, do not lift, carry, push, roll casualty, do not observe, give casualty enough air to prevent shock. Protect patients from secondary harm. If conditions permit, simple, fixed protection measures can be taken. Be patient and wait for arrival of specialists. If it is an open fracture, remember not to touch affected part of victim with your hands to avoid osteomyelitis.

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Attention! Notification! Notification!

The injuries mentioned above are common emergency procedures in stadiums. There is no way to completely avoid sports injuries, they can only be prevented. The best way to prevent injury is to do enough warm-up exercises before a game!

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July 13, 2023