The tricks of these superstars, if you learn one, you can become a team leader!

Learn skills from superstars and become backbone of team,

Flirty show-offs on field attracted a flurry of clicks...

This is voice of every member of amateur team.

Today I'll post a dynamic star signature image,

I hope to inspire and help all friends who love to play football.

First, Matthews' favorite trick

People who don't know person in the photo are usually new fans.

Approach again from a different angle, although you have successfully fooled defender,

But pushing people is a bit unfriendly.

The bulltail is Ronaldinho's signature move and his range of motion is great

Deceptively strong, dodging profits is very useful.

Uncle Mata's oxtail is also good, although range of motion is not as big,

But he can still knock people off their feet.

Actually, Iniesta's fried meatballs are also a good choice for profit,

And more practical than an oxtail.

Xiaobai fried meatballs are famous for their strong stealth and good sense of rhythm, although assortment is small.

However, Xiaobai's idol, Laudrup, has a large selection of fried meatballs and a big change of direction,

It was a bit overbearing

So when we learn about celebrities, we should also choose them based on our own characteristics.

Da Luo's bike has a long range, large upper body turn and fast acceleration,

Even if defender knows he will go left,

When protected from it, center of gravity of body will unconsciously swing or stop,

He will get rid of them.

There can be no better ring road in Marseille than Zidane

Tread ball twice, turn once, combine rhythm change, ball defense and dribbling,

Everything is so elegant.

In fact, Ronaldinho's heel kick is quite slippery,

That's why Zidane used this trick to play Ronaldinho so interestingly.

I don't know if you remember Dalessandro,

Remember only trick in world - La Boba!

I once saw someone call this action Rivaldo's signature pull,

When opponent is in a hurry, leaning on opponent first with body, and then performing this move, effect is very good.

However, goalkeeper must not play well.

Standard Cruyff turned around, and old man himself demonstrated it.

The essence of Cruyff's turn is to turn waist, so that opponent's move does not have time.

This technique is a favorite technique of many baseball masters,

Pull ball back and then twist and push ball away leaving your opponent with nowhere to move.

Pepe from Italy set a good example for us.

Harvey's big move to get rid of is turn around

This trick can be used to relieve pressure and create space for ball.

You can "circle" inside of foot or outside of foot like Harvey in the picture.

This action is a must for many wild ball masters before playing football,

First, we pin ball with foot, non-dominant leg does not move, and dominant leg goes up,

Having raised ball to a certain height,

Kick forward and up with heel of your non-dominant foot.

This is Eriksson's crotch that he wore while at Ajax, and it was done quite elegantly

Romario is also a master of this trick, but his angle is bigger,

I remember doing this once and defender didn't answer.

This trick is actually similar to Zidane's Marseille maneuver,

It's just changing step action and clicking on button and clicking,

Frank Ribéry and McGrady are both masters of this trick,

The picture shows performance demonstrated by McGrady of giants Su Chao.

This is a cross ball turn that is easy to learn.

Effective for getting rid of opponents that are chasing flanks.

To demonstrate how a goalkeeper overtakes an attacker, Dutch goalkeeper Cillessen

Aguero blocked ball forward, and Cillessen made a false pass,

He then took opportunity to smash ball and turned around to go past Ah Kong, who had already punched.

Many field masters also like to do this movement,

Raise ball directly from ground over defender's block,

Iniesta set a good example for us. Simple and practical.

Finally found a video of Ribery playing roulette

In recent years, Franck Ribery has rarely played this trick.

I didn't find Naniku, but I think Quaresma's movements are more elegant,

Someone drew an analogy, saying that their feet are like golf clubs.

Therefore, when using this action, you must lock ankle so that it can be securely fastened.

This action is a combined movement, i.e. pulling back + fried meatballs,

This is actually owner's favorite place,

Sometimes using fried meatballs can't avoid being intercepted by defenders,

Come first and then pull to deceive defender to reach forward with legs to intercept,

Now is best time to make fried meatballs! (Sisi's bunker)

In fact, Suarez is very similar to my older one,

With body and explosive power, spikes and waist twists,

Make it so that opponent cannot stretch his legs, twist his lower back well,

Even in a small space, he can easily walk past people.

When controlling ball from flank, foot takes a step outward, and body accordingly deviates outward,

Of course, speed must be fast so that opponent thinks that you want to cut inside,

At this point, you use inside of your foot to push ball out of way.

Messi in picture also added a fried ball,

Actually, it can be used or not.

In fact, this picture and one I posted above can be considered as a pendulum,

Messi can get rid of a defender with just a shake,

You don't need to shake it two or three times, Da Luo's extraordinariness is too extreme,

One swing of pendulum can also deceive enemy's center of gravity.

The best way to use this action is to beat big devil Okocha

I use this trick to protect ball very well, and if I'm taller I won't slip,

So there is nothing to drink and communicate with everyone. (Feet bouncing off each other?)

If you want to be a mainstay of a team while playing football, you still need to practice solid basic skills.

I hope animated presentations of these stars can inspire everyone,

Learn a move and a half, ride the green court, invincible.

Of course, hard work is indispensable!

Your attention is biggest motivation for Xiaobei!

July 14, 2023