How to kick ball in Ronaldo level elevator?

Elevator kicking technique

Touch ball with inside of your foot, press down on your calf and hit ball on middle and bottom of ball. If you practice more, you will find that trajectory of the ball first rises and then descends.

Position: use a straight line, ball is in line with goal and kicker's position is approximately 20-30° from that line. Take 6 steps back. Thus, there are 4 steps during run-up, which is most convenient (for beginners, there may be a shorter run-up, which varies from person to person).

Run: slower (you can see run-up characteristics of Ronaldo, Juninho and Pirlo, all three like tiptoe approach), strengthen right leg , After run-up take 4th step (kick with right foot and back with left foot).

Squaring leg. Make sure it is solid and about one foot away from ball.

Prop: slightly below arch of foot, like point of a powerful shot.

The foot that hits ball must be same as foot that lands first.

C Ronaldo has scored finest elevator goal of his career

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July 18, 2023