Pogba's move is simple, but difficult moment! (gift show)

Everyone knows that Pogba has a rich imagination on pitch and can often show very flamboyant movements. Today I will introduce you to an unusual skill that Pogba often uses. It was used in European Cup against Germany last year. One trick trick. Since its action is very similar to that of a rattlesnake's tail, let's call it a rattlesnake for now.

Technical Analysis

Let your left foot touch ground with one foot as a pivot.

Raise your right leg back and bend your knee, swinging your right leg from side to side behind you.

The right leg should be completely relaxed when swinging, because more relaxed you are, faster you will be able to complete action when you need to perform the next action.

Regardless of what techniques are used to get past people or open up a pass, key is to get defenders involved in maneuvers.

If you go head-to-head with a defender without touching ball or doing anything, it will be easy for defender to take ball away. But if at this time you can make your opponent peck at bait with your feet or even by shaking your shoulders, then you can easily defeat your opponent.

Your attention is biggest motivation for Xiaobei!

July 21, 2023