"Teaching Football" improves communication and control of cooperation between groups!

Xiaobei will share with you a relatively difficult training course between three people. These exercises will not only improve your passing, but also your reflexes and ability to catch ball. With practice, we can often find in game: 2-3 players play quietly in local area.

1 and 2 people hold ball at both ends, with a third person in middle. One of people at both ends passes ball to person in middle, and person in middle passes ball back straight without stopping and then immediately turns to receive pass from other person while continuing to pass ball back. without stopping, and cycle repeats in turn.

2. A and B stand at both ends, C stands still B, passes ball to A, A stops ball, C accelerates to A after passing ball and circles around A, at which time A will slightly pass ball forward, C uses opportunity to pass ball to B and runs back. After B has ball, repeat C and repeat in turn.

3. A holds ball between B and C, A passes ball to B, and B passes ball back to A without stopping. At this time, B runs forward and A runs to B's position. A again passes ball to B without stopping, and B passes ball to C between two of them by repeating steps above.

4. A and B stand still on both sides, C stands outside two, and three form a triangle. C passes ball to A, A passes back to C, C passes ball to B, B passes to C, C passes ball to A, and at same time C runs to other side between two of them to catch ball. , then pass ball to B, then run back to catch ball and pass ball to A. Repeat this.

5. Three people stand in a triangular pose. A uses a short long pass to pass ball to B. B directly passes ball to C without stopping ball. C passes ball back to B without stopping ball. B passes ball to A. At this time, positions of B and C switch. A goes to C with a small length and then repeats above steps.

6. Two people, AB, stand on either side, and C is in middle. A goes long to B, B to C, C to B, B to A, A to C, C to A, A to B, and then repeats previous steps. During whole process, all passes should be done with one foot, as far as possible.

How to improve short pass accuracy

First point toe of your supporting foot at target you want to pass

Then rotate your passing foot 90 degrees and touch ball with inside of your foot

Then aim and pass

When hitting ball, ankle should be tense

The last thing is to train against wall, which is not only easy,

You can also try to control strength and height of pass

Your attention is biggest motivation for Xiaobei!

July 25, 2023