Football Fundamentals training action to increase your dribbling speed in a short time!

Like Messi, he can firmly control ball while running. Many people tend to change direction and quietly break through. Or chances to hit. Here are some training exercises that are suitable for training in a short period of time and allow you to improve your dribbling speed.

Basic Actions

When dribbling, generally touch with frontal instep or an area slightly outside frontal instep. This area has a larger touch area and is easier to control ball.

During dribble, step your supporting foot slightly forward and stand slightly to side, with your center of gravity forward.

At same time, slightly lift thigh of touching leg forward, directing straight instep to touch ball.

Driel ball step by step to train your sense of rhythm.

Start by dribbling ball in a straight line with your left and right foot, using light, light touches.

After mastering skill, increase frequency of touches, increase pace, keep your head down and dribble, and constantly monitor situation. You can try forward and backward dribbling exercises.

If you want to dribble at a faster pace, you can use outside instep to dribble, just move touch position to outside of foot, also tighten instep and place center of gravity on knee of foot. supporting foot.

Dribble with inside and outside of foot. After hitting ball with inside of your left foot, touch ball with outside of your right foot.

The left foot then causes body to jump to right in small steps, and inside of right foot is used to hit ball again to connect. The range and speed of movement will change with training.

Pay attention to whether you touch ball with inside or outside of your foot, you should lower your shoulders and lean slightly when you touch ball in one direction.

In simple terms, this action is a combination of left and right feet after touching ball with inside and outside of foot, respectively. Also practice this dribbling movement in a straight line.

Here are three quick touch exercises:

No matter what kind of training, you need to keep practicing to reach your goal. Dripping water sharpens stone is not a one-day effort, but it is equally important to master most effective method.

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July 26, 2023