Chic! It turns out that you can still get rid of it like this en masse! (gift show)

How can a defensive team successfully break through crowd when they are in a tight siege with ball behind them?

Standard ball pull and turn demonstration

Action Breakdown

First, use your lead foot to pull ball up from behind.

When ball rolls behind your left foot, switch to landing on your right foot, stepping on ball with sole of your left foot.

This first part is to execute ball behind foot

Stepping on ball with sole of left foot, body should begin to turn to left, and at same time, with sole of foot, pull ball into body.

Then push ball away with the inside of your left foot.

This second part is to assemble V-ball

Full ball pull and turn demo

It is worth noting that in order to perform these movements well, you need to lay a good foundation! Otherwise it's all empty talk!

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July 26, 2023