Football friends, check it out! This type of short-range defense is most effective (movie demonstration)

Tag an opposing player and stay close to defense. Approach him quickly when he catches ball, predict moment he will stop ball, and step forward to intercept ball. If interception fails, opponent turns in opposite direction. Do not give him opportunity to open distance. At this time, you should follow trend and fight for distance in order to put pressure on him.

Currently, it's best to use close combat when another player from our side steps forward to get around flank and pincers to tackle ball more easily.

When fighting close to body, don't pull people. Proper pushing is allowed. The opposing player also has a way of dealing with this by being close to body when receiving ball, extending their arm and pressing defender's palm against defender. At moment of receiving ball, palm pushes defender in opposite direction, and he accelerates to catch ball.

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July 26, 2023