10 tips to help you go from beginner to master!

10 tips to help you go from beginner to master!

1. Knowing each player's playing style and position on field, you need to understand technical level of each player: know their receiving habits, figure out their running style and playing style; this allows you to better interact with them on court.

10 tips to help you go from beginner to master!

2. When there is conflict in a team, do not give preference to any player. You are all here to play football. Everyone on court is equal, only skill differs. Don't put your personality out of bounds on court and if someone makes a mistake, teammates should point it out.

3. On court you need to set an example. If you are always lazy and lethargic on defense, then enthusiasm of your teammates will also decrease, but if you are diligent, active and involved, and you pass every pass as best as possible, then your teammates will also be motivated by you Infected, to work more on field.

10 tips to help you go from beginner to master!

4. Praise teammates for good results. If a teammate makes a mistake or loses focus, properly remind a team member not to scold them blindly. People who like to insult teammates on court are not very good at their skills. Nobody wants to play against such a person. You are on same team and everyone is working towards same goal, so be a nice teammate.

5. Adjust balance of attack and defense. You need forwards on field, but you also need players who are defensively focused. Move forward to support your teammates. When a team needs to increase their defensive efforts, back off appropriately to help defend.

6. Communicate more with teammates and let them tell you about their ideas. If you have any objections, you should discuss them and decide. Don't let players bring negativity into game. Everyone comes to stadium to play football, so please focus on football.

10 tips to help you go from beginner to master!

7. You are part of a team and you can only win if you have teammates; even if it is an amateur golf course, you must have a sense of teamwork, pay attention to teamwork, and develop a tacit understanding of team. Victory is "our" victory.

8. The team must take initiative to take responsibility for failure of team. Do not back down after making a mistake, apologize to teammates in time, and then win back ball.

9. One minute on court, ten years off court. In practice, you can't relax. The more you play, more silent understanding develops, and more you play to improve your skills.

10. Even if it's amateur football, you have to take it seriously and play every game well. Charming football, colorful life, let football bring more vitality and passion into our lives.

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July 28, 2023