"Football Training" will teach you how to hit ball with arch of your foot! Animation Presentation

As a centre-back, Brazil's David Luiz has great footwork, often standing in box on behalf of team, and his free kicks also have fast falling characteristics with no spin, so this use extends from inside of arch to the outside?

start position of step 1

Five steps back and two steps to left (or right).

Step 2 start

Putting your toes on ground during your run-up will make it easier for you to make contact with ball.

Step 3: Rotate your ankle to prepare to hit ball

Slightly above inside of foot to touch ball.

stage 4

Kick ball just below center of ball using an upward kick.

step 5 turn forward

Don't swing all way forward because Zhejiang will give ball some spin.

Demonstration of standard actions

Your attention is our biggest motivation!

July 31, 2023