How should an attacking midfielder play on football field?

There is a mysterious and well-known position on football field called front halfback,

A person playing this position must not only have good foot control,

You also need to have a flexible mind, which is so-called golf ratio.

How to become a great attacking midfielder, it is better to involve whole team,

Create opportunities for teammates. Today I will share with you a few secrets of playing in midfield position.

1 Increase your range of motion

As a midfielder, you shouldn't be rooted to spot,

And to move back and forth horizontally and vertically, you can break opponent's defense,

More importantly, get ball (see next paragraph).

2 Always on go to catch ball

The attacking midfielder must always maintain a strong desire to control ball

So always run where you can catch ball smoothly,

Usually between opposing defenders,

Even drop into very deep positions and sideways often.

3 Turn around and do a miracle

For a front midfielder, moment of a bold turn usually has opportunity,

The time difference between attack and defense is usually this moment!

Iniesta stepped back to baseline to catch ball and turned around

4 With ball under your feet, audience is in your heart

When attacking a position, first task of a midfielder is to control ball in foot,

Note that when you are in possession of ball, you must constantly look up to observe running position of your teammates.

5 Adventure Preferences

Unlike a defender or defensive midfielder,

The front midfielder is usually risk-averse when choosing to play with ball,

A straight edge capable of breaking opponent's line of defense

Or a large-scale transfer is always the midfielder's first choice,

Less backtracks and intersections are preferred.

Direct passage into costal space can usually result in most direct injury

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August 02, 2023