Classic football training spoon!

Classic football training spoon!

The soviet penalty kick is called a spoon because arc outlined by a soccer ball in flight resembles shape of a spoon. The free kick with a spoon is most difficult and beautiful type of throw. The use of footwork emphasizes "squeezing" rather than "picking", so action becomes more subtle and complex.

Simply put, such a kick is a kind of frontal kick. Because when faced with a penalty, goalkeeper often prefers to bounce to side in one direction, which is why some penalty shooters deliberately move penalty to middle, which catches goalkeeper by surprise.

Classic football training spoon!

Penalty with a spoon - technical basics

1. Performing a "spoon penalty" requires a certain amount of footwork and strength.

2. Knocking out a spoon places high demands not only on players' footwork, but also on psychology;

3. Be very deceitful before kicking, and control speed, height and time of ball falling;

4. We pretend that we are shooting towards gate, but in fact we are accurately shooting at center.

5. The penalty taker must have excellent skills and extraordinary courage, if he is not meticulous at all, he will be caught by goalkeeper.

Classic football training spoon!
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August 03, 2023