Ronaldo's first goal in Serie A, what had to happen will always happen!

Ronaldo's first goal in Serie A, what had to happen will always happen!

C Ronaldo's goal may be late, but he will never be missing!

In 4th round of Serie A, Juventus played at home against Sassuolo. The wish of Cristiano Ronaldo, who missed 2 warm-up matches of Portuguese national team only to break championship, has finally come true! In 49th minute of game, Juventus took a corner from right. In close combat, opponent's defender cleared ball with his head and hit post. Ronaldo appeared in front of goal like a ghost and shot from close range. ! After scoring goal, president was very excited, flew into air, turned around, raised his hands and shouted, and also scored his iconic celebratory goal, and received applause from fans on stage like a tsunami!

Ronaldo's first goal in Serie A, what had to happen will always happen!

In first half of this fight, president missed all three throws. In second half, he scored only one shot on goal. The Portuguese superstar's hard work in training has finally paid off. Moving up to Serie A at age of 33, Ronaldo landed 27 full shots to score his first goal in Serie A. It really wasn't easy!

Let's see what fans commented:

——Congratulations to Cristiano Ronaldo for finally scoring a goal in fourth round of Serie A. He scored twice, especially second goal. He hit net from a low angle at half-time, demonstrating wit and superb footwork of world's best players. strikers. Come on

—— See how fast he runs

——The second goal is very similar to Real Madrid, just a bit more of that kind of attack

—— Has nothing to do with Real Madrid?

—— Isn't it only in Real Madrid that such a goal can be scored normally? So don't say it's "Real"

——The two goals of national team and Ibrahimovic in Sweden are very similar

——One magic flute, short

——Yes, this is a way of counterattack, lightning speed

——Being king of ball is not as easy as being an accurate striker

—— Is striker who scores 2 goals with 31 shots king of ball? Diving king almost

——Serie A is more defensively focused and it's really harder to score goals than La Liga

——Spent 12 yuan per game on 4 live broadcasts of Ronaldo on pptv and finally waited for him to score a goal and scored twice. Raised his hand only one who paid to watch live broadcast of game Ronaldo.

—— The Golden Boot of Serie A always belongs to Ronaldo

—— I must say that Luo is really old and I missed two mandatory goals, but it's nice to score two goals. Veterans are slowly warming up. Still 30+ goals this year, normal work

—— Recently, Hei C Luo has become a little more popular. If you think about it, it's not so bad.

——The kick in front of goal is a bit wrong, otherwise it will be a hat-trick.

——Fighter on football field ~ Ronaldo. At World Cup, Portugal has basically given up, only Ronaldo is still running desperately: from defense of frontcourt to his backcourt, again and again unsuccessfully coming back, again and again showing persistence. The whole audience was infected with him and applauded him

—— I'm Luo Weiu, keep going...

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August 05, 2023