This trick was used by Renda Luo and Ibrahimovic, but it's better than Ronaldinho's!

The oxtail dribble is a technique in which player's single foot instantly touches ball with inside and outside insteps of foot and quickly tricks defender into completing dribble. It is named so because it sways like a bull's tail.

Firstly, center of gravity of body leans forward in direction of support,

Pretend to be driving

The outside instep of lead foot follows bottom of soccer ball smoothly,

Sweep from inside

The supporting leg should not be too far away from the dominant leg,

It's easy to make startup too slow

The ball must not be too close to outside ball of foot when touching ball, otherwise it will be difficult to control

View full demo,

To achieve effect, all movements must be consistent and fast

You can train multiple times when you are alone

Achieving Mastery

Tall Ibrahimovic can also make such graceful moves

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August 12, 2023