Five Universal Rules on Amateur Court - Defenders

On amateur courts, we often see “weird” defensive mistakes that cause a team to fall behind, so today I will explain to you five universal rules of defense and help you quickly increase awareness and defensive power.

1. Don't act blindly

In professional games, we often see defenders cleanly intercept ball and provoke a counterattack. But in amateur arena, blindly intercepting ball will cause you to lose your center of gravity, and your opponent will easily break through, creating a chance to score.

Therefore, as backbone of team's defense, stand in a defensive position, follow defenders, confidently and ruthlessly intercept ball and do not shoot blindly.

Error demonstration:

Correct demo:

Advice. If you're not sure you can grab ball, don't try to play it.

2. Don't blindly paste

In amateur games, remember not to go blindly forward. First, it is easy to break your own order. Secondly, it will also take a lot of physical strength. Often you will attack with all your might, but you will not have physical strength to return to defensive, leaving line of defense empty.

Error demonstration:

Correct demo:

Tips: If you are in charge of defense in a team, first thing you need to do is stand in your position, actively defend, be strong in backcourt, don't cling to ball and be a good player. support for team.

3. Use your body wisely

If you don't have good footwork skills, it doesn't matter. For a defender, training stance and position are most important. In close combat with an opposing striker, excellent physical fitness will allow central defender to have an advantage in fight for half of ball, as well as give him opportunity to better use his body in taking a positional advantage to complete defensive ball.

In defense, you should be first to block position when facing attacker, which will make you more active in defense. Don't focus on ball all time, keep an eye on player you're covering and lean on defender so you can always pick up opponent's move signal and plan for a timely response.

Error demonstration:

Correct demo:

Advice. When ball is at attacker, press on opponent so that he does not turn around.

4. Careful handling of ball in backcourt

In a special center back position, handling ball should be simple and practical. Usually ball can be passed to a midfielder to set up an attack. If opponent is pressing from a high position, it is not recommended for safety reasons to choose a short pass to find a teammate. Remember that you can open Bigfoot who never needs to select a gear in reverse.

Error demonstration:

Correct demo:

Tips: When there is a backcourt theft and situation behind you is unclear, safest way to deal with a siege is to break siege with big feet.

5. Good sense of position

It can be said that central defender is one who most of all attaches importance to position on court. An excellent choice of position by central defender can solve a crisis situation.

In amateur arena, make sure both guards are on same level. The two guards must have verbal communication to ensure they can replace defense at any time.

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August 19, 2023