Football Doctrine: Teach you how to avoid offside, anti-offside is practiced that way!

The topic of offside is almost always pervasive in game, and is also at center of everyone's discussion when watching game. In a game, an "out of play" or "not out of play" punishment sometimes directly determines outcome of game. For attackers, mastering offside skills and avoiding an opponent's offside trap is already one of main skills to master, so today I will share these offside haberdashery with you, hoping to help you.

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If you want to understand what offside is, you must first understand rules of offside. Simply put, offside must meet following three points:

1. There is no offside in backcourt, so offside is in frontcourt.

2. There are less than two defenders in front of receiving player (including goalkeeper).

3. At moment of passing ball, receiver is in front of ball.

Offside of opponent limited our runs and passes, but at same time left a lot of space behind defender.

A good passer knows how to use those gaps to make a killer pass. They analyze power and angle of pass by watching opposition defender go offside.

1. The space behind defenders changes as they move. The closer you are to target, less space behind you, and vice versa.

2. It must be taken into account that space behind defender is not absolute, and range of goalkeeper's attack must also be taken into account. If you run into a goalkeeper like Neuer, space behind defender will be smaller.

Thus, for a great passer, ball he passes through must be deep so that defender cannot easily turn around and grab it, and he must not be too close to goalkeeper's attacking zone.

Next, let's talk about running hitters. If you want to counter offside, you need to pay attention to following three points:

Position: before you start to run, watch space between defenders of enemy, starting from this position, you get an advantage.

Time. Pass timing is a must, but it should be noted that you will likely be in an offside position often and will have to stop and wait patiently.

Or run sideways to side.

Even running back.

Running Positions. Generally, there are two ways of running against offside: vertical running and diagonal running.

In comparison, running diagonally is more efficient and invisible. You run diagonally and pass ball behind defender, making it difficult for defender to defend.

This offside teaching requires team to learn together, and it requires team's tacit cooperation to show its strength. Therefore, on court, players need to cooperate a lot and practice a lot. better.

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August 30, 2023