Football Basics|The most practical tutorial for improving basic dribbling skills!

On football field, some players like to dribbling. If you pass ball to him, you should watch him grow forever. For this type of player, instead of letting him change his playing habits, it is better to help him improve his dribbling skills. Today editor will tell you about how kickers should improve their dribbling skills in daily practice.

1. Driving on outside lift

As we all know, best dribblers in world football like Ronaldo, Messi and Robben use outside of their foot to dribble. Thus, dribbling speed is higher, ball follows foot more and it is convenient to change direction.

2. Teaching Method

You can use logo to form a square and practice dribble around logo with outside of your foot. At first, speed may be slower, but after you get comfortable, you can change direction at will, dribble diagonally, etc.

3. Change direction of ball

In football, defense cannot allow ball carrier to dribble comfortably. Therefore, ball carrier must be able to send ball to all open directions. What I recommend to everyone here is to practice in a straight line across marker plate and you can use different dribbling techniques.

4. Preparing for competition

No one can step onto court for first time and be stunned. You can usually find friends to learn extraordinary skills, or try to compete with rivals on street and indoor soccer fields. After all, playing football outdoors and indoors, ball runs faster, and players run faster, there are more opportunities to touch ball, and pressure is relatively small. If you can become a master in this area, entering green field will also increase your self-confidence.

Compete against teammates

Street football

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August 31, 2023