Extraordinary football | How to Practice Extraordinary Oxtail (Gift Explained)

First used in a game by Brazilian player Roberto Rivelino, it confuses defenders by changing direction twice with a single touch to achieve a breakout goal. The player's single foot instantly touches ball with an outside lift and an inside lift respectively, this is the so-called "extraordinary oxtail". This technique is extremely deceptive and often causes defenders to lose their center of gravity. In play, Ronaldinho often uses his skillful bulltail to impress people.

step 1

In first phase of training process, we first do practice of dribbling in place with inside and outside lift of one leg, keeping center of gravity of other leg in place. This process is also a process of developing ball feel. When you catch ball, pay attention to relaxation of your ankles and at same time control strength of your ankles and control ball under your feet. You can slow down your movements when you first practice.

Step 2

After familiarizing ourselves with first step, we slightly bounce up and down, keeping center of gravity on supporting leg. The ball foot also keeps ankle relaxed and plays ball inside and outside instep of foot, which can speed up rhythm of ball game in time.

step 3

The next step is relatively difficult. It requires pivot leg to jump back and forth and ball-handling foot to also move back and forth with body to complete ball dribble on inside and outside insteps of foot. , and ball can always be controlled underfoot.

After mastering three basic steps above, step by step, you will be able to easily perform practical and excellent technique of overtaking people with an oxtail.


1. Fully move your ankles during warm-up to avoid ankle sprains during workout.

2. Step by step, train slowly at first and gradually increase speed.

3. It is generally recommended to use dominant foot with best feel for ball.

4. While playing with ball, ankle should remain relaxed and ball should be easy to play.

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September 01, 2023