Football warm-up article|Very important! Stretching exercises to do together in the warm-up!

Sit on ground and keep your legs straight and close together, holding your toes with both hands

Spread your legs and place your hands on your ankles

Legs spread apart, body facing down, palms of both hands touching ground

Stretch one leg back, stretch other leg forward and straighten up, holding the straight leg with both hands

Sit on ground, bend your legs back, touch your feet and grab your ankles with your hands

Sitting on ground with both legs stretched back and body thrown back

Extend one leg inward so that it is parallel to body and land on ground, extend other leg back and at same time pull your head towards the ground, do not forget to rest on your head with your hands

Keep your feet together, leaning forward and placing your palms on floor in a bridge position

Kneel down, leaning forward and touching ground with your palms

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September 02, 2023