Stopping Football|Practice according to these points, stopping a high-altitude ball is easy!

In a fierce football game, ball is not always on ground, but many high-altitude balls are involved, which often requires high-altitude operations, and good ball-stopping ability is basis of high-altitude operations, handles well with high altitude. Ball carriers can also take lead on the soccer field. Below are a few ways to practice your high-altitude balls.

Full ball stop demonstration:

While ball is in air, keep an eye on position and ensure that ball can pre-select its position when it falls.

When touching ball (touching ball with back of foot), foot should be lowered down, which will act as a buffer and remove force of ball so that the ball does not bounce.

See how to unload force again in slow motion.

Once you get familiar with feel of ball stopping, you can toss ball up to chest level and practice slowly.

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September 02, 2023