Attention football fans! Want to improve your non-dominant foot? You can try to train like this!

The level of golf play is comprehensively reflected by consciousness and footwork, so none of these two aspects can hold each other back. Awareness can be improved by watching more games, and non-dominant leg training is fastest way to improve footwork.

Balance exercises

Get in habit of using your dominant foot to keep your body balanced, and use your non-dominant foot to perform movements, such as rolling ball back and forth on your toes, as in a dance.

Dribbling practice

Touch ball with non-dominant foot as often as possible, touch ball as often as possible, cut when approaching markers, lightly touch ball and take a slow step, keep foot and ball as close as possible while dribbling.

As you approach marker, you can also perform actions, such as pedaling your bike. Whatever you do, remember that your dominant foot is not dominant one. Don't forget to touch ball, take light steps, keep ball close to ball,

Ball Jump

If you want to be better, you should practice ball control in air, ball is best way, it can greatly improve your ability to control ball.

In next step, you can try to hit ball continuously with one foot, either low or high

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September 02, 2023