Football fans check it out! 10 Forward Striking Methods

The volley is a common shooting technique in soccer games that primarily uses quadriceps, adductor magnus, tibialis anterior (posterior) and toe extensors. The basic skills should be solid, supporting legs should be well placed, and center of gravity should be slightly forward. The general volley is to use rise for volley, and timing of volley must be timed. The reason many people can shoot flak is because they pick ball for volley from rise.

Today I want to show you how to practice all kinds of frontal salvos that are close to real combat.

Volley forward in place

Start with a basic instep orientation in place to find correct position to receive ball, feel sensations carefully and pay attention to forward body pressure and straightness of instep.

Hip stop - forward kick with forward lift

First release bounced ball with your hip and then use your forefoot to push ball off wall.

Fighting ball without stopping ball - frontal flyover

Without stopping bouncing ball, use instep of your foot to push ball against wall.

Turn ball with outside of foot and turn around - instep volley

Stop bounced ball with outside of your foot and continuously touch ball with outside of your foot in a circle, then pull ball against wall with your other foot.

One-Step Cycling - Forward Lift Volley

After stopping bouncing ball, take a step and step on bike, then use your forefoot to push ball against wall.

Half-high ball - instep volley

Use both hands to throw ball to head height, and after ball falls freely to a suitable height, use right lift to push ball against wall.

High-altitude ball volley with foot instep

Throw ball with both hands to a height above or above your head, increase height of ball according to your level, and use lift to bounce ball against wall after ball falls freely to a suitable height.

Half-high ball - side volley and lift

Throw ball sideways with both hands to head height, wait for ball to fall freely to a suitable height, and then use back of your foot to pull ball sideways against wall. After training right leg, train left leg.

High Ball - Side Kick with Lift

Throw ball to side with both hands at or above your head. Increase height of ball according to your level.

After hitting ball with instep, a volley with instep

Throw bounced ball straight up, and after a few hits, push it against wall using top of your foot.

TIPS: When practicing, you should pay as much attention as possible to same amount of exercises for both legs, so that both legs have same strength to greatest extent.

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September 04, 2023