How to play table tennis well for beginners, what should be focus, these 5 points need to be learned

How to play table tennis well for beginners, what should be focus, these 5 points need to be learned

A beginner who has never touched table tennis can become a table tennis master, just like a piece of white paper can paint a beautiful picture. It's just that vast majority of people lack guidance of "experts", they have taken many detours and cannot reach their best level. Young beginners can learn from professional coaches to avoid detours. Adult beginners often don't have time or energy to look for professional coaches, so they need to find a relatively correct path. How to play table tennis for adult beginners correctly, what to focus on, you should learn these 5 points:

How to play table tennis well for beginners, what should be focus, these 5 points need to be learned

First, do long-term psychological preparation

Table tennis is one of most difficult sports, and its technical system is very complex. Although you can play table tennis without training, if you want to win game, you must be mentally prepared to practice basic skills for more than two or three years. In two years, amateurs who cannot guarantee time actually have very little time to practice. This is even less than two-month training period of national team. The training time is short, and there are many skills to be mastered, such as right attack, left attack, rubbing, ball pulling, serving and so on. But as long as you have patience to train step by step, continuous improvement will still be evident.

Second, buy a more detailed table tennis textbook

Theory is basis for practical guidance. No matter how talented table tennis players are, they all innovate on shoulders of their predecessors. Many comprehensive table tennis textbooks can be easily found in bookstores, and you can simply buy one for a few tens of yuan or tens of yuan.

The benefits of table tennis training materials are similar to cards you buy in a new city, which can give you a macroscopic view of city as a whole (table tennis technology). Many training questions actually have systematic answers in table tennis textbooks. Instead of asking so-called "masters", their answers are often personal experience, not exhaustive or even incorrect. So buy a table tennis textbook and read it carefully several times, no matter if you don't understand something, you will gradually understand it as your level increases. This is method with lowest investment cost and highest return.

How to play table tennis well for beginners, what should be focus, these 5 points need to be learned

Third, get ready for some balls

Multi-ball exercises are an important magical weapon in table tennis training. This can greatly increase effectiveness of training, instead of wasting time moving ball back and forth. For example, you are training to serve for an hour on your own. If one ball is used, 50 minutes out of 60 minutes is spent rebounding ball, and only 10 minutes can actually be practiced, and about 100 balls are served. If you prepare 100 table tennis balls and place them in a bowl, you can save time collecting balls and ensure density and intensity of training. Of 60 minutes, 10 minutes is spent rebounding, and 50 minutes can be used to practice serving, with over 1,000 balls served. Efficiency has increased more than ten times! This method is very simple but very effective. Other table tennis techniques can be practiced in same way.

How to play table tennis well for beginners, what should be focus, these 5 points need to be learned

Fourth, choose right base plate and rubber

Things you need to say three times: Use Reverse Glue for Horizontal Boards! Use glue on back side of horizontal board! Use glue on back side of horizontal board!

Do not listen to other people's words that high rubber and raw rubber can win games. These rubbers are very unfriendly to beginners and very difficult to master. Only anti-adhesive is best for beginners to learn and master.

The reason for choosing a horizontal plank is not because it's straight. The main reason is that table tennis balls are now 40+, speed is slower, and strength requirements are higher. The straight board is gradually declining, and training becomes more difficult, it is not as easy to achieve results as on a horizontal board.

Beginner blades don't have to be overly expensive. You can choose pure wood blades with seven clips, such as domestic brand Yinhe. The price ranges from tens of yuan to one or two hundred yuan. You can also choose domestic brands such as 729 for reverse rubber sleeves, which range from a dozen to tens of yuan.

Don't choose a finished product for shooting! An auction of finished products is an expression of high prices and low quality. Choose a sole and cover from same table tennis store and just ask salesperson to help you glue them on. Usually this service is free.

5. The most important thing is to set action

When beginners first encounter table tennis, it is highly recommended to seek help of professional coaches. One hundred or two hundred yuan per class, it's quite reasonable to spend thousands of dollars on a dozen classes. Lay a good foundation that will make your movements to right and left standard, and there will be no unnecessary mistakes. This is critical to your future table tennis improvement. It is same as building a building: without a good foundation, you cannot build a very tall building.

October 04, 2023