For beginners, how to learn how to play table tennis?

For beginners, how to learn how to play table tennis?

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Table tennis is one of most technically demanding sports in world. However, due to its small footprint, small range of motion, and ease of use, it is much loved by masses.

For beginners, how to learn how to play table tennis?

If golfers want to get good at table tennis, they should start with following points.

First, get your basic skills up and running. Due to high technical complexity of table tennis, its basic skills are also varied. For example: attacking ball, pulling ball, rubbing ball, collecting, hitting, twisting, etc. etc. But we amateur golfers cannot do everything like professional athletes. So basically you only need to practice basic skills of right and left attacking, footwork, right and left pulling, and rubbing ball.

Despite fact that there are only a few items, it takes a lot of time to practice and master these skills.

For beginners, how to learn how to play table tennis?

Second, make a reasonable training plan.

In fact, second paragraph and first paragraph are performed together. When you provide basic skills training, you must develop a training plan. You don't have to practice forehand today, backhand tomorrow and rubbing day after... just do it according to your interests. Insist on long-term practice. Once you have established correct action structure and power structure, and get a certain feel, try to practice next technique.

For beginners, how to learn how to play table tennis?

Thirdly, we must combine theory with practice.

When we study table tennis, we must not only learn movements, but also learn basic theoretical knowledge about table tennis. It is recommended that you look for some explanations on Internet on professional sites, in media and on official accounts when you are free. Some of these explanations are articles, some are videos, some are what you have learned, and some are what you have not learned. But no matter what, if you keep reading for a long time, you will gradually increase your level of table tennis theory. And knowledge that you learn and assimilate will gradually influence your level of table tennis and increase it in subtle ways - speed is a geometric factor.

For beginners, how to learn how to play table tennis?

Fourthly, about "competition for training".

Like a regular fan, unless you have a dedicated coach, teacher, or friend who practices basic skills for you in your plan. The vast majority of fans face problem of "competition for practice." —— Some golfers often accompany you to practice basic skills for a while and then ask you to play. This is a very awkward and helpless question. If you constantly refuse, then no one will play with you for a long time, if you don’t refuse, it’s easy to chase points in game and deform your actions.

For beginners, how to learn how to play table tennis?

At this time, you must have spirit not to be afraid to lose. Stick to your own standards of play - if you can't hit ball, find reason for your footwork. The ball hits net and takes time to hit it. Eat spinning, find a way to crack spinning... Continue to find practice methods and videos about your shortcomings on Internet, watch more, understand more, imitate more, experience more and practice more. After a long time, you will find that your level of play increases rapidly, like a "moving machine".

Welcome experienced friends, leave a message in comments! Leave your valuable comments and ideas, and we will improve our skills together!

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For beginners, how to learn how to play table tennis?

We will briefly summarize process of playing table tennis by dividing it into three steps. The first step is to understand nature of ball, second is to familiarize yourself with rules, and third is to strengthen it.

Many friends don't play well, seem to have problems with technical sports, or play too little and are unfamiliar, but end up not knowing ball well enough anyway. For example, child athletes selected by sports schools must go through a period of various ball juggling drills before going on training stage to get familiar with ball. Table tennis itself is too easy, so it is not easy for human body to quickly establish its perception abilities when force is applied, so knowing and familiarizing yourself with ball can be called first step, but it will also go through for all time in future. Commonly used jumping, alternating jumps or tossing is process of getting to know ball. Once you become more proficient and can master feeling of rebounding in table tennis, it is also a good way to practice basic attacks on stage. After getting more familiar, it is only in this time we will talk about correctness of basic technical movements. Some friends are so wobbly in basic skills that they cannot even hit a few juggling balls.

The second step is to familiarize yourself with law, which is mainly related to law of rotation, because table tennis is a sport that cannot be separated from change of rotation. By adding changes after side rotation, these combinations need to be practiced step by step from easy to difficult. Taking a real fight as an example, reverse spin ball needs to be rubbed at beginning, and top spin ball can be attacked. used in amateur games. Only by breaking down individual elements one by one can they be intelligently combined.

The third step, so-called targeted strengthening, is aimed at actual combat operations, on one hand, at strengthening service level, and on other hand, at clarifying one's own problems during training and solving them purposefully.

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I am fond of table tennis. I hope to learn and communicate with you and grow together. Welcome to follow me!

Thank you! I think subject of this thread should be an amateur table tennis player who hopes to improve his ability in table tennis. As a pure amateur table tennis enthusiast, I will use my own growing experience to share how amateurs can learn well table tennis and what aspects to improve. In my opinion, most important thing for amateur players is to lay a good foundation and have a good movement structure, so there is a lot of room for improvement.formation. Second, practice a good serve.

1. Lay a good foundation and secure action frame

Laying a solid foundation and getting basic skills right is only way to become an amateur craftsman. Many recreational players reach a bottleneck and are unable to get past it, mainly due to obstacles on frame. I suggest that amateurs clarify goal of training before game, do not play aimlessly, do not try to enjoy moment, play carelessly, this will form some bad habits that will be difficult to change later. To lay foundation of table tennis, you can start with following points:

1. Bare-handed swing practice

Find some reputable tutorials online, watch a teacher's instructional video, pick up a racket, and practice freehand swings at home. Insist on doing 2-3 times a day, and do about 500. The purpose of this is to allow you to correct movement structure and eliminate unnecessary movements. Over time, you will find big changes.

For beginners, how to learn how to play table tennis?

2. Fixed and non-fixed point training

Look for a golfer with good basic skills, feed you ball, practice right and left attacks, and after two months of playing you will basically reach over 30 consecutive attacks and be able to hit zone. Make sure that your movements are even during workout. When you have fixed-point strikes and action frame is almost fixed, you can do multi-point training correctly, mainly practicing right and left two-point attacks, experiencing center of gravity shift, stepping movement, etc., so that you can move during game . After training basic skills, start game correctly with others, apply training tools in real combat, and be careful not to care about temporary wins or losses.

For beginners, how to learn how to play table tennis?

3. Improve your learning

After playing ball, exchange opinions and learn from golfers around you in order to have some idea about nature of ball. You can also watch one or two sets of instructional videos you like online, keep watching, watch every day, rewatch multiple times, and think about difference between your actions and videos. Or make a video of you exercising and compare it with training video, it's easy to find that you're not doing enough. Combine multiple channels and methods to improve your practical ability and theoretical level.

Second, practice first-hand service

Amateur players are not like professionals, they can have a lot of time for systematic training. Professional players rarely eat pitch directly, but it's different with amateurs. Secondly, in general competitions, most amateurs have no more than 5 rounds, everyone solves problem on first three boards, and it is difficult to reach stalemate stage. Thus, by practicing a good combination of serve and attack, you can get twice result with half effort. Let me talk about how to serve well from my experience.

For beginners, how to learn how to play table tennis?

1. First turn ball and then serve it

Take ball in one hand and racket in other, casually rub ball at home, in arena, on sofa, on bed, etc., find out feeling of friction, rub ball and try to send up, down, side rotation, etc. d.

After turning ball, you can try to send ball to table. First of all, it does not matter height of arc, frequency of hits, etc., as long as first jump is on table and rotation is strong. Then slowly adjust height of point of impact, distance between first jump and net, center of gravity of body, etc. to deliver ball with strong spin and a difficult landing point.

2. Enhance deceptiveness of movements

The ability to do very high spins and backspin, basically do movement similarity training (confusing), so that it is difficult for golfers to stand on opposite side to see different moves of your multiple spins, and you have reached a very high level.

3. Learn more and imitate more to form your own daily routine.

Search for tech posts and how-to videos about serving online, learn to emulate their service methods, and create your own service methods after learning and mastering them. You serve, your opponent receives, and you practice on third board until they both err. The main purpose of this is to practice attack attack technique, learn how to deal with incoming balls with different spins and landing points, and finally form your own set of attack attack procedures.

The above is my experience of expanding ball, I hope it will be useful to you. Everyone can actively discuss and learn from each other. If you are interested, you can add me!

October 06, 2023