Masters never use it, but they must master flat serve, which lays foundation for an advanced serve.

This episode of Wet Father's tutorial mainly explains right side flat serve training method. For more details, please take a look at this episode's tutorial video.

Today we're going to take a look at flat serve on right. The flat serve is an introductory basis for mastering technique of serving, as well as a good way to practice feeling of hands. Before learning serving technique, we must start with flat serve to learn.

There are three main benefits of learning to hit ball:

First, you can learn how to throw a ball.

We must learn to serve well. The throw must be very stable and arc must be well controlled. But some people can't catch throw well and they will throw it randomly. Either it is far from body, or it is an arc. The line is too curved.

Second, you can learn to control point of impact.

When ball is tossed up, control of point of impact is very important for a good ball delivery.

Third, you can learn to coordinate your waist and arms.

Learn coordination of waist and arms in process of serving.

Now wet father is talking about first point about tossing ball. To serve ball well, tossed ball must be thrown very steadily.

First, correct way to throw the ball

The throwing technique is to place a table tennis ball in non-clapping palm and then use body's center of gravity to lift forearm up during throw and toss ball up. At this time, our wrist practically does not move.

One thing that everyone should pay attention to when throwing ball is how we use power, i.e. use body to throw arm to throw ball up, but many beginners use wrist to throw ball. pinches ball with his fingers and tosses it like this, so ball will be very unstable, it may be too close to body, and it may be thrown out.

Place ball correctly in palm of your hand. Do not touch ball with your fingers. Don't pinch ball. Put it on your palm and keep it still on your palm If ball rolls, you throw it When ball is not stable, arm is straight Basically when serving ball, our non-clapping arm is parallel to table.

Then when ball is served, center of gravity is pressed down, arms also go down, when center of gravity is lowered, knees bend, and when hit is delivered, knees straighten up. Get up, this is one way to throw ball.

Second, method of learning to throw ball

Beginners may not go on stage to serve at beginning, but practice throwing first. When thrown, they can be divided into several groups. The requirement is that ball in process of throwing goes straight up and down, without any deviation. Throw 20 balls in a group, train in this way, and practice in about five groups. When he can throw ball up very steadily and then catch it, then when you learn how to serve later, it will be easier to learn.

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November 04, 2023