The flat serve from left is sudden and confusing, and at same time, it is fastest to connect to next cricket attack.

Hi everyone, today we're going to introduce you to flat serve from left, which is basis for learning left serve technique.

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1. Standing position and left flat serve preparation pose

(1) Left foot forward, right foot behind

There are two main flat serve stances on left: left foot in front and right foot in back.

For beginners who are just starting to master left flat serve, it is recommended to use left foot in front and right foot in back, because if right foot is in front and left foot is behind, whole swing movement will be very large and control is not very good.

(2) Right foot forward, left foot behind

Second stance - right foot in front and left behind. When connecting forehand, you need to move your feet quickly, which is not as fast as a parallel stance or a stance with your left foot slightly forward.

Second serve posture also needs to be practiced because at a later stage when serving from left, right leg is mainly used to stand behind front left leg because entire center of gravity has to use top of waist. leg strength and arm strength will be more than enough.

Second, way flat feed is left

Let's talk about two ways of doing a flat serve on left: one is done in front of body, and other is done over arm without clapping.

(1) Throw ball under clapperboard without clapperboard

Some early tutorials and videos have this demonstration. The non-clapping hand tosses ball under clapping hand and then hits it. Throwing ball in this way can easily result in conceded balls, as whole rotation is uncoordinated, arm is separated from body, left arm and right arm are separated, which is insufficiently coordinated, distance control is poor, rotation is uncoordinated.

(2) Throw a ball over a clapperboard without a clapperboard

Throwing ball above clapping hand without clapping is performed with center of gravity of body, not with hand. As mentioned earlier, right flat serve is tossed with body's center of gravity. same is true for flat feed after center of gravity is lowered. Throwing, take your time when you first practice, but also practice this throwing action first so that you can let ball move straight up and down, and use your body's center of gravity to throw ball up When ball can be thrown stably, in process of throwing The rotation of middle part of waist forces arms to send ball, so after completion of throw, center of gravity is slightly raised, and waist is turned to left back to hit ball, so that all movements of throwing ball and swinging will be very coordinated.

Third, left flat serve training method

(1) Find a good hit point first

First of all, you need to find point of impact. In beginning, you don't need to throw ball, hold ball without holding ball, pull racket like a ball from left, and then hit ball. , During drawing and swinging, speed is high. When racket is about to hit ball, there is no need to hold racket to loosen ball before impact. This advantage can help you find hitting point of the pitch.

(2) Tossing ball from low to standard position

When you get feel of ball being hit, gradually bounce ball up, bounce a bit, and then hit it. At beginning of practice, range of motion should not be too large, and it does not matter if height of throw is not enough. First, find a hitting ball. Point, it is better not to take many balls at a time when training, so that action of throwing ball is not standardized, it becomes throwing fingers , take one ball at a time to make whole serving action more standard, throw a little lower first, find hit point.

Through these three steps of practice, you will be able to basically master left side flat serve movement.

Third, Advanced Left Serve Training

When throwing your racquet, stop for a while and then exit. When throwing racket, forearm is slightly pulled inward, and racket is retracted to body. The shape of racket remains largely unchanged. about 80 degrees, so don't adjust it often. If pressure is too high, it should be turned off and everything will be fine when it reaches about 80 degrees. The wrist basically does not move, and forearm sets our wrist in motion, wrist compresses blow well and does not sway too much.

In future, you need to understand that instant shaking of forearm is very important for fast delivery of ball. We put first point close to front line of our table, and then we hit ball just below to drive it quickly.

When force is applied, forearm quickly causes wrist to shake and ball is thrown off, and range of motion is also small.

After mastering flat serve on left, we must learn to control line, use direction of waist and arms to regulate direction of blow, and control shape of board. Of course, for beginners, we must not adjust too much The shape of board is mainly designed to adjust direction of your entire strength to control line of shot.

Send oblique line, turn waist and arm to oblique line, send straight line, arms and waist here, and then return after effort is over, so direction of entire straight line is here and it's over, just a straight line, we we come up and serve a few more balls to control line.

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November 04, 2023