Ma Long will use high throw right hand serve at critical moment, train like this, you can master it as well.

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Hello friends, today we will introduce a high toss serve from right. As name suggests, a high throw serve can be delivered to particularly high heights, typically up to 2–3 m. The high throw serve has following advantages.

1. Benefits of a Right Throw

(1) Using gravity of a falling ball

After a high bounce serve, we can use gravity of falling ball to make it spin more. When we want to send ball long, we can also send ball longer and faster with a high toss. serve .

(2) Very confusing

The high throw serve is very confusing because arc of your throw is very high, which is a kind of obstruction to opponent's line of sight, so we can change it by adjusting arms a little when hair is long and ball and line are short.

Second, position and posture in preparation for a high throw serve from right

The basic elements of movement for a high throw serve and a regular right hand serve are basically same, but it should be noted that once ball is thrown, it is very important to control point of impact and consistently toss ball. to make arc throw more stable. A bit heavy.

(1) Station

Let's talk about main stance first. For a high tossed right hand serve, you will choose a side stance close to a backhand position, with left foot in front and right foot behind. forward so that when ball is served, landing point is guaranteed to be on stage.

(2) Place of preparation

When preparing to serve ball, center of gravity is on left leg, knee is bent, hand is flattening ball, forearm and table are mostly horizontal, and center of gravity of body is lowered. This is finished pose. If rack is closer to outside of table, ball will easily fly out when served, so rack should be a little larger inside table, after holding ball without racket, it is almost on white center line, so when ball is thrown after standing up, ball can fall on table better .

Third, high serve throwing method on right

(1) Focus on usage

The high toss serve requires more power to get ball high. Some golfers prefer to throw ball straight without clapping their hands. But if control is poor, toss arc will be crooked. lowers with body and hands, and then pushes out with center of gravity of body. After knees are lowered, hands rise up like a spring.

You can watch Malone's high pitch with toss. When feeding, center of gravity is very low. When tossing, ball is tossed upwards together, so upward force of body kick should be used to bounce ball. , so that arc of ball can be controlled more stably.

Learning to serve with a high throw means that serving technique is relatively professional. throw because high throw The serve is too demanding on senses, if skill is not enough to practice high throws, there is no practical value.

To learn how to use center of gravity to throw ball up, center of gravity must be a little faster to transfer this force to hands. it compresses like a spring. When lowering, arms should be straightened flat, so you can’t hang it, you need to straighten ball in middle of palm so that ball does not roll and the center of gravity will be lowered.

(2) Arc Control

The arc of ball must be as straight up and down as possible, neither backward nor forward, it must be very stable, arc of ball must be as close to body as possible, and arc of ball must be very stable, it must be able to ensure that ball is basically at same point after being dropped. A little more than ten centimeters forward or ten centimeters back will affect delivery effect. The best place to throw ball is about 15-20 centimeters in front of body, and it should not be too forward Step forward 15-20 cm to this position. Compared to a low throw serve, a high throw serve is more difficult to control arc of throw, so try not to make curvature of arc too big when throwing ball, otherwise it will be difficult to find point of impact. .

(3) Point of impact control

If arc of ball is thrown slightly curved, then in process of serving ball, people must make some adjustments in accordance with arc of ball. For example, if ball is not properly thrown on serve, not to chest, but to front of body, then a stationary body will necessarily result in a misserve, so you may want to shift center of gravity forward a little to follow arc of ball to find point of impact. You you have to pay attention to high throw serve. You can't serve ball here and person here, or you can't extend your arms and your body has to follow him.

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November 04, 2023