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The Wet Father Training in this episode mainly explains service receiving preparation posture and standard of lowering center of gravity. For more details, please take a look at tutorial in this episode.

Wet Father will tell you today about service preparation pose and reference for lowering center of gravity.

1. Finished Position

Before receiving serve, player must lean forward with their stomach drawn in and knees slightly bent. This is basic pose for preparation.

When receiving a serve, center of gravity will be slightly lowered, instead of standing up straight and then hitting ball, this is very important.

Second, center of gravity reduction standard

Due to different heights of contestants, degree of lowering center of gravity is also different. Let's look at lowering of center of gravity in people of different heights.

(1) Children

The child is very small and may simply reach height of table when normally standing, in which case if he leans over, his head may be invisible and his arms may be under table. Therefore, when preparing children for a pose, energy of elbow joint of arm should be higher than that of table.

(2) Normal growth

Standing In general, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with enough space between your feet and shoulder-width apart.

(3) Very high

Some people are very tall. If their feet are shoulder-width apart, they will still be tall. If they lean, they will stay tall. This can be 1.4 or even 1.5 times width of shoulders.

Some European athletes are 1.89 meters tall. He stands with his legs wide apart and then crouches very low. We see that this is an exaggeration. He squats to play during game. not sit down. When he goes down, all his points of impact are on top of table. There is no way to drive racket down and he cannot make an arc. He can only stand a little to side, and then crouch down. The width of distance depends on your height.

(4) Evaluation Criteria

In addition to fact that elbow joint is above table, another criterion for judgment is position of our waist and hip. It can be understood as place where we wear belt. The table is at same height, and it may also be slightly lower than table. If it is higher than table after lowering, it means that your center of gravity is not pressed down enough, so you can use these two points to determine how low center of gravity should be . , It's a matter of adjusting center of gravity.

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November 05, 2023