A high throw serve can not only control arc but also serve a short ball. If you can't do that, you don't understand it.

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1. Point of impact control

(1) Location of hit point

The hardest part about throwing from right is controlling point of impact. For example, after throwing ball below net, too many serves can easily result in a long serve arc or even hitting net. .Best when ball falls. Later on, it will be a little higher than net. If it is too high, it will not work. If it is too low, it will definitely miss opportunity to hit ball. When you first practice a high toss serve, don't think about a special serve spin, you should first find point of impact, try to minimize forward force as much as possible and serve ball a little.

(2) Rotation path

The action in preparation for dribbling is same as for serving with a low toss to right. When preparing, it is also recommended to turn face of racket. When ball is tossed up, drive racket. face of racket is relatively larger, and it is not easy to miss ball.

(3) Hitting ball together

When you first start practicing, don't move your wrist too much, just touch ball gently. Most importantly, experience feeling of finding point of impact with a joint effort. You can gently touch ball without much vibration. Wrists Just walk up and experience feeling of finding point of impact. When ball is served, body's center of gravity must move with ball. When ball is ready to be thrown, center of gravity drops. Press to rub ball, and follow falling center of gravity of ball to lower down during friction process, so that point of impact can be found more accurately and arc of the ball can be controlled lower.

Second, basics of playing short turn

(1) First Jump Control

As you practice finding point of impact, you will find that some balls hit net, and some balls may fly right over net. It's not good if you want to do a short jump, landing point of first jump should be close to 1/2 of end line of table. If ball hits ball without finding a good point, it will easily hit net, or whole wrist and arm will be used too much power. If there are too many, ball will move forward too fast and hit net directly.

Therefore, fine tuning of hands is very important. It seems easy to serve ball on stage, but it's actually very difficult to find a good point of impact and control strength of hands. So, when you just started practicing. Basically it's a short serve, control of landing point of ball on 1/2 of platform, and then adding a little friction at moment ball is touched after ball is under control, and rubbing bottom of ball, then you can send ball with reverse spin. After long training sessions, when hand feels especially good, you can serve ball very well.

(2) Vibration power

Let's practice adding a little wrist friction when serving ball, but pay attention to wrist friction and don't move your wrist too much on its own. come out and spin.

Third, essentials for a long game in a hurry

(1) First Jump Control

A high toss serve from right should change ball's point of contact to lengthen ball. Jump closer to end line of our table so that ball can be served longer.

(2) Force must be stretched

You should also pay attention to a slight stretch of whole racquet when hair is long, and all force must be stretched at moment ball is touched (not dissipated), because if translational force is too great, ball will be sent very high, so just touch The sudden jerk of ball ensures that it hits ball close to end line of our table, and with a little forward force ball can run for a very long time.

Fourth, use a combination of length and length

Short and long high throw serve should be combined. The long serve is mainly used for a sneak attack when playing key, because if long serve is not long enough and line is not high enough, opponent can race straight if level is high. The risk is relatively high, so try to change ball to short hair as much as possible.

If you want to send a straight line, line is very short and there is not enough room to hit ball. Unless it is said that line is very close to sideline, it is pointless to start it again. The opponent charges directly from forehand. ,Suddenly during game, intercepting straight line, and it is very close to touchline, such a ball has a chance to score directly. Judging by Waldner's touch, it is really supernatural. Sometimes he will send such a ball during game. This kind of ball steals straight line, and it's very urgent. This ball is very fast and line is especially tricky, so it requires athlete to feel especially good in hands, and also requires very good psychological qualities.

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November 05, 2023