How many positions have you seen? If you understand these intents of serving, you will be able to correctly understand receiving and receiving serving.

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We have already talked about general position of reception of serve, let's look at position of reception of serve after the sweep.

1. Chopping and receiving position

(1) Backhand position close to white midline

Cutting ball is usually based on a backhand, and a backhand is usually covered in pellets. When receiving a serve, position is relatively close to white center line, because after opponent serves ball, if ball is rubbed inside table, then you you can retreat to COSCO cutting platform on right and left.

(2) Stay away from table

The other batter's position will be slightly further away from table and not very close, because it must be taken into account that when opponent throws a long pitch, body can better cut from side. position to receive serve.

Second, service position

(1) side position

In game, serving position is usually taken sideways, and sideways position is used to serve.

When serving ball, body is usually turned towards table. If a right hand is thrown, right hand will be thrown from side. He is outside, but after returning from ball, position of body does not mean that he is very left. It is almost in backhand position, so this is position of serve.

The reason you have to stand sideways when serving is because you have to rotate your waist when serving. If you're not standing sideways like this while serving, your left side will be leaning on table.

(2) backhand

Feed position is not fully fixed. If you are serving with a backhand, you can get into a backhand position or crouch to serve. Choose a different position according to your playing style, including how to attack and connect for next cricket, instead of standing for sake of standing like this, this is main standing point.

Third, station and landing point

To practice your attack from right, stand in position on right, but it is not absolute. For example, if you want to hit in a straight line, you can hit ball with your body slightly from side, because you want to hit in a straight line, body position (body direction) determines. If you are hitting ball in a diagonal direction, your body should be looking in direction of diagonal line, and if you are hitting in a straight line, your body should be sideways to look in direction of straight line. So choosing a stance is actually a tempo adjustment, in including adjusting body The point of landing of shot (the direction of shot) determines direction and position of the body.

In short, position of a table tennis ball can be left, right, or in middle, or a little farther, or a little closer. Including used offensive means and techniques. be connected, so stand for technology.

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November 05, 2023