Can't attack with a backhand? Master forward serve and lay foundation for your backhand attack

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1. The importance of practicing a flat backhand serve with a handle

The principles of a flat backhand serve with a hand grip are basically same as with a horizontal grip.

Flat grip backhand serve is usually served with front side, which is equivalent to push and block side. It is rarely said that it is served on horizontal side, because this form is complex. customize .

Second, flat serve backhand grip

When holding racquet with a backhand flat serve, fingers at back support and press down on racquet so that face of racquet cannot be tilted back and pushed forward.

Don't hold racket too high when hitting ball with handle. Hold racket a little smaller and looser. Just hold racket with your index finger and your middle finger behind you. wrist to relax as much as possible Adjustment, if wrist is held very strongly, thumb applies more force, and if it is said that thumb and forefinger apply force, plate shape is easily folded back.

Third, backhand flat serve lead racket with handle

The flat serve of backhand with handle grip is basically same as horizontal grip, but he cannot dribble forward, he must dribble slightly to left.

Fourth, use of elbow joint in a flat backhand serve with a handle

The side of handle is rarely used for serving, so when moving, care must be taken to keep elbow joint as close to inside of body as possible so that forearm can be rotated outward to make board better. When pressing down on ground, surface of racket changes and forearm rotates outward (clockwise rotation). The elbow joint then pulls racquet into body with help of body and goes forward. If you lean back, this is not a flat serve.

5. The wrist must be locked for a flat backhand serve with a handle

Practicing this action does sway a little, elbow joint turns over, it's very uncomfortable, and then when you practice, try not to move your wrist and plank shape, but use your body. lead forearm in motion from left to right. The rotation of racket should not be too large, but slightly smaller.

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November 05, 2023