The squat serve is unpredictable and some people say it can provide topspin which is really incredible.

Click me to watch tutorial videoIn this tutorial episode, Wet Father basically explains basics of front squat to send top and bottom spin balls. For more details, please check out this episode's tutorial video.

Now let's talk about how to use forehand squat to create a backspin. The first reaction in reverse spin is rubbing bottom of ball, and subconscious mind is to flatten board a bit to rub ball. This action can generate reverse rotation Yes, but problem is that downward movement is too obvious. At first glance, you can tell that this is a downward rotation. In a later step, we will tell you how to use same motion to send a down spin and an up spin. Basically, racket costs..

1. Forehand squats for basic reverse rotation movements

(1) Based on friction

1. Basic Actions

Let's first talk about first method of backspin, which is to make surface of racquet a little flatter, and angle is about 80 to 75 degrees, and then rub middle and bottom of right side of ball. Make surface of racket a little flatter, then cut ball and rub middle and bottom of right side of ball, at this time backspin will be stronger and racket will hit our right ear (right side). The posture is same throughout serve, mainly pay attention to change in surface of racket. The arc of this kind of backspin will be relatively lower, and it is easier to send ball short. This is first type of backspin.

2. Practice

The main point of short hair is to reduce force of whole forward stroke, you can crouch a little more, but do not take initiative to force forward movement, rub ball a little thinner in friction, relax your wrist a little and reduce forward movement C with more power, you can send ball a little shorter, and first jump is also a little closer to 1/2 platform. This is first way to throw ball in reverse rotation.

(2) Focus on grinding

1. Basic Actions

The second is very important. The surface of board is mostly vertical. Don't lean back. From a vertical angle, you can send downward rotation by rubbing or chopping. This kind of backspin can be combined with a topspin action which is more confusing, but ball is difficult to send short and its arc can be a little higher, so this kind of downspin We can spin ball longer, more anxious and faster, so it's difficult for opponent to judge.

The action of chopping is to push down. Since body's center of gravity is directed downward to quickly crouch, with help of body's center of gravity, downward chopping degree will be better. With downward force of center of gravity of body and downward force of our arms, downward rotation will be stronger. The forearm drives wrist to shake quickly. Do not move board shape. Downward speed must be fast. When you pull racket, muscles can relax a little.

The punching power must be sufficient, so assisted force of center of gravity is very important. If inertia of center of gravity is not used on arms, but simply rests on arms, arc will be very high if center of gravity is not directed downwards. If center of gravity is not directed downwards, arc of ball will bounce very high, and all force is not coordinated, so center of gravity it is very important to sit down, sit down suddenly.

2. Practice

The arc of this kind of backspin ball will be a bit higher and difficult to send short, so just make ball longer and faster and keep your forearm forward during whole process of hitting ball. moreover, touch point of ball is a little lower, close to end line of our table, to ensure that arc of ball is long enough to pass through net better, pay attention to position a little further from table, do not stand against it, it is almost a standing position centimeters forty-fifty, which will be better.

Second, basics of right hand squat and topspin delivery

1. Basic Actions

The same action requires an upward force to send ball with topspin. In process of serving ball, all force should feel sensation of lifting ball up and sending it out. Only an upward force can cause an upspin. issued . If there is no feeling of upward power, then most balls are served with side or downward rotation, because force of entire squat is downward even if racket is upright, but force of entire squat is downward, so it still cuts ball down. (cuts ball) and can't get topspin.

The essence of forward squat for topspin is that when ball is tossed up, although body's center of gravity is down, racket is pushed up. The racket needs to be tilted back more, and then arm should go up to apply force. There should be a feeling of sending the ball up (cutting), then topspin will naturally come out.

2. Practice

During training, do not crouch to find immediate sensation, because crouching becomes a downward strike again, just crouch and start hitting ball after racket is completed, ball will not be thrown, and use no-hold, clap in palms Squeeze ball, release it and rub ball up and down.

Pay attention to elbow joint. At first it is directed downward and relatively low. After exit, elbow joint is directed upwards. There must be an upward force. At this time, top spin of ball will come out, and it is relatively strong. The feeling of rubbing ball, although person is squatting, but hand is exerting upward force.

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November 06, 2023