Crouch to give a topspin, this detail is well done, most golfers mistakenly think this is a backspin.

This episode of Wet Father tutorial mainly explains issues to watch out for when squatting and serving top and bottom spin. For more details, check out this episode's tutorial video.

You can see that there is a big difference between action of crouching for a topspin serve and action of crouching and hacking downspin because that feeling needs to be experienced now and will be done later after serve. The two actions are exactly same and there is almost no difference.

1. Topspin practice

While it says to do a top spin, it's not that whole hand will go up that much once the move is completed. Don't know it's a top spin just by looking at it. How to do it corresponds to this movement.

When rubbing topspin ball at this stage, rub upwards. After friction is over, elbow joint will quickly drop down following body's center of gravity. Be sure to leave racket below table after serving ball. You can see that after pitching ball, after that, whole racket still goes down. With a topspin, it exerts upward force and rubs upward. The subsequent action is dummy and omission is false

Pay attention to elbow joint. At first it is directed downward and relatively low. After exit, elbow joint is directed upwards. There must be an upward force. At this time, top spin of ball will come out, and it is relatively strong. The feeling of rubbing ball, although person is squatting, but hand is exerting upward force.

Second, practice reverse rotation

Move racquet forward without touching ball as you backspin, and hit ball down during cutting phase to create a backspin.

The arc of this kind of backspin ball will be a bit higher and difficult to send short, so just make ball longer and faster and keep your forearm forward during whole process of hitting ball. moreover, touch point of ball is a little lower, close to end line of our table, to ensure that arc of ball is long enough to pass through net better, pay attention to position a little further from table, do not stand against it, it is almost a standing position centimeters forty-fifty, which will be better.

I combine two movements, and everyone can judge up and down rotation for themselves. If you do not slow down this movement, I believe that many people will find it difficult to judge.

This is end of today's video, and I hope you can control spin of ball well as you learn, and finally you can use same movement to produce two spins. I believe that in normal amateur games, threat and lethality of this kind of squat serves is still great.

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November 06, 2023