An analysis of very intricate right up and down serve with Fang Zhengdong spin that will improve your serve technique

Analysis of Fang Zhengdong's super deceptive right hand serve up and down spin, let your serve skills develop further

Serving is an old-fashioned trick, what should I pay attention to during a serving session? Many amateurs want to spin ball first. In fact, serve does not depend on how much ball is turned. If spin is obvious, ball will not threaten.

Serving two kinds of spins with same movement is an effect that we need to achieve more when serving. Even if rotation of your serve is not very strong, it will be more difficult for opponent to judge reception and reception of serve. , which can easily lead to an opponent making mistakes or creating overhand opportunities.

Before we also introduced Ma Long, Chen Meng and others forehand serve, today let's take a look at Fan Zhengdong's "Little Fat Man" forehand serve with a deceptive up and down short spin and see how it compares to others. another.

First of all, let's take a look at Fan Zhendong's up and down rotation feed animation. From two animations above, we can see that there is almost no difference in whole action of serve other than spinning ball. absent.

Then how did Fang Zhengdong send out two rotations? Let's look down. The serving set of Fan Zhendong is same from preparation action to action before ball is touched. The difference is that time of touching ball and direction of force after touching ball are different.

Let's look at topspin serve first. When Fang Zhengdong hits ball, his racket goes up and arches up. The range of motion is very small. It also shows that Fan Zhengdong's strength is very concentrated. ball becomes a short topspin ball.

When serving a backspin ball, difference from a topspin ball is that racket is used to rub ball down first. The animation shows very subtle differences.

When serving such a short ball, we must try our best to control it so that it does not get in way. This requires a decrease in forward force and an increase in upward or downward frictional force. Try to control first touchdown of serve in half of table. When you start practicing, you can use 40% to 50% of your strength to experience feel of serving first.

Fan Zhengdong's set of submission moves has changed little and is very intricate, which is more suitable for real use in combat. If you want to perform well with this set of serves, you need to practice a lot, and you need to practice slowly and patiently. I hope you can learn set of practical serves through explanation in article.

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November 15, 2023