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The tutorial in this issue mainly explains game rhythm control method. If you want to know more details, take a look at teaching in this episode.

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First, play with rhythm

In process of backhanding, you need to tear off and move your legs. If at beginning of session you feel uncomfortable, you can adjust soles of your feet up.

After break is complete, hand must pause. If break is over, action will be a beginning and an end, and there will be no rhythm control like a machine.

There must be a stop at beginning and at end so that soles of feet know when to move. If movement does not start and end, the feet are bound to get confused.

Second, rhythm can improve quality

Learn first to move your arms and legs, that is, to tear your arms and legs. On one hand, soles of feet move to set rhythm, and on other hand, they move to find position.

You must first learn to move in order to find rhythm. Once you develop this habit, you will learn to find position while moving. Control, rhythm is controlled by center of gravity and legs, not hands. After break, strength can finally come from hands, but more important is rhythm of soles of feet, which maintains strength, and hands add mass after the support is in place.

Third, problem is getting bigger and easier to fix

Steps under soles need to be made more visible and then slowly narrowed and finally formed into a habit.

If you make it small at beginning, it will be smaller later on, and you will forget it in two days. And it will also be reflected.

Ping-pong network organized by Liu Baosheng

November 15, 2023