Poor forehand continuity? It must not be handled very well here. Learning this will allow you to output a continuous forehand

Depending on this is powerful assessment of Koki Niva on right, most powerful technique for improving attacking right hand.

Continuity is an important part of table tennis, whether it is continuity of a forehand or a backhand, and continuous and fast transformation of forehand and backhand is very important. The continuous pull forward is one of most commonly used techniques in game.

If you want to ensure continuity of your right hand, you must first practice basic right hand attack skill. On this basis, increase movement, add rotation and turn it into a loop ball, and right hand continuously pulls ball along. The frame is similar to front.

Today we will take Takashi Niwa as an example, let's look at his continuous fast forehand loop in game, Takaki Niwa's forehand and forehand continuity are very good, and backhand is better than backhand. The continuous pull on right is also one of his signature skills and core scoring skills.

Let's take a look at Takashi Niwa's application of continuous right pull-ups in game below. .

It can be seen from moving image that continuous pull on right is mainly directed towards top spin. It can be seen that speed of return of opponent is very high, which requires us to reduce range of racket when returning ball. , no need to drive racket down, but also speed up swing and recovery speed to ensure connection of multiple boards.

If you want a fast connection, you must learn to use your legs' center of gravity to adjust, use pedals under your feet to control your waist to apply force, and then use your waist to control your arms. To apply force Many amateurs use only their hands to apply force, as well as power of waist and legs. If you are unable to participate, this will result in slow recovery, poor continuity, and poor quality of ball draw.

You must be aware that when pulling racket, transfer center of gravity of body to right leg, bend knee of left leg and lower it so that center of gravity of body is pressed down, pull racket back, and feet forward when hitting ball Turn, center of gravity of body leans forward and presses forward In this case, strength of waist and arms must be well coordinated, and power of kicking and rotation must be accumulated at moment of hitting ball so that quality of hit can be improved.

The purpose of improving quality of a strike is to reduce likelihood of an opponent's counterattack. If quality of first strike is not high, after opponent's return strike is held back, a subsequent connection cannot be guaranteed.

The last point is that in process of continuously pulling ball up, main landing point is also selected. As you can see from animation above, Niva Koki pays a lot of attention to changing landing point between two boards.

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November 15, 2023