"Learning to Play Volleyball" Chapter 5 Skillful Tricks


Learning to Play Volleyball, Chapter 5. Skillful Tricks

Author: Dong Shii

May 31, 2022

In volleyball, forehead is a type of spike and is mostly used near net, because when player hits ball, he lightly taps ball with tense fingers so that ball goes through net. and hits opponent's field. The area got its name from vacancy. When serving ball, attacker should not reveal his intentions too early, he should first pretend to be a spike, and then move abruptly to cross in order to catch opponent by surprise. At present, there are new technologies such as high pressure hanging ball and fast wiping. In game, cross is used in combination with a powerful spike and a fast ball, which is varied and allows you to achieve the best results.

"Learning to Play Volleyball" Chapter 5 Skillful Tricks

Teach you how to play volleyball - throw ball

When serving, extend your arm to highest point in front of your head, use flexible finger and wrist movements, and quickly hit back of ball (the top of back of serving hit) so that ball falls on blocker and into opponent's space. Do not carry ball after touching ball, change direction after touching ball, or touch ball below mouth of net.

"Learning to Play Volleyball" Chapter 5 Skillful Tricks

Teach you how to play volleyball - throw ball

The cross is an offensive technique used lightly and flexibly to throw ball into open space of opponent's field. He is also an integral part of overall attack and a utility striker. Long line one-handed ball The long line one-handed ball is part of offense but is rarely used in practice or in real games. The main characteristics of this type of cross are a passive point of impact, a long line and low ball speed. As a rule, when first attack hits net and opponent’s block is relatively tight, and second pass is difficult to organize attack, so as not to give opponent a “gift”, ball is raised to bottom line of opponent’s court with one hand. This corner zone must ensure that ball does not go out of bounds.

"Learning to Play Volleyball" Chapter 5 Skillful Tricks

Teach you how to play volleyball - throw ball

Dropping ball is commonly known as a false action (false attack). This is a brilliant technique and scoring strategy. Use feints effectively to pretend to hit ball hard, use unexpected attacking methods to target loopholes in opponent's defense, deliberately change timing and use opportunity to lift ball into gap in opponent's court. a way to attack and score points, it is also a smart scoring strategy that destroys opponent's confidence, confuses him, and can drain his stamina.

The following is an introduction to practicing volleyball throw technique...

First Method: Basic Jumps and Throws

When executing a cross, you should relax your strength just before hitting ball and use your fingertips instead to touch ball, and your wrist should quickly return to pre-set position where you want to throw ball, because ball is only held on fingertips and wrist. The push speed will decrease with close falls. This attack pattern allows ball to go over top of blocker and land close to back sideline.

At beginning of training, you can line up more than 5 people, take high ball thrown by setter, take off and hang ball around field. which are usually easy to make to teach players how to handle ball.

Practice 2: Join Offensive and Defensive Hangball Training

Or you can practice as shown in above video by attacking and defending in groups of two, catcher is in charge of passing ball and blocker is in charge of cross attack. be done by individuals, after passing ball you must catch ball, after passing ball you must change position to block, and after blocking you must return to passing practice.

Practice third method: trick your opponents into practicing

The biggest success in hanging ball is deceiving opponent. Firstly, you can stand in a row on both sides of net, and number of people is about 5 or more!), while time, one is in charge of transfer, and other is in charge for catching ball, and delivery area is set to three blocks in picture above. The setter also throws a high ball to attacker to serve, and receiver needs to work hard Judgment catches ball.

This drill can also be made more difficult to block receiving side, and corresponding drills can be done on left, center, and right sides of court to familiarize yourself with this attack pattern and defensive style.

Dropping ball is a very common method of active scoring in volleyball games. When an opponent blocks net with three players, hanging ball will be a very effective offensive strategy because at this time defending zone of opponent's back line becomesare larger, if feint is very realistic, there are very high chances of scoring.


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