Volleyball basic knowledge What is two points for three points?

Volleyball basic knowledge What is two points for three points?

1. Volleyball

Volleyball is played by two teams of six players each. Each team has its own fixed position, three players at net and three players at end line. Each side must not hit ball over net more than three times, players must not hold ball, each player must effectively hit ball only once, must not hit ball twice, and may hit ball with any part of body. Don't touch net when you hit ball or you will fail.

Volleyball basic knowledge What is two points for three points?

Volleyball position

2. Serve

Players from each side take turns serving in a clockwise direction. Each time a team is entitled to serve, server restarts game by sending ball from behind backcourt endline in their own half to opponent's half. (A free man does not serve)

3. Rating

The game consists of five rounds, and each round is awarded 25 points, or based on two points more than opponent, and final victory is achieved by winning three rounds, but if four rounds are equal 2 to 2, fifth round only Just score 15 points or beat your opponent by two points on that basis.

4. Freeman

The main role of libero is to defend and can make any substitutions in back row. The Libero cannot serve, break, block or attempt to block, or set up a setter in frontcourt to participate in a frontcourt attack, so a short but flexible player able to drop to ground quickly to save ball allows play to continue. The players are active. Liberos will wear different colors from other players to make them easier to identify.

5. Replacement

Each team may make up to six substitutions per game. You can replace one or more people at same time. Players who start a lineup in each round can exit game and play again in same round, and can only return to their original lineup position. A substitute may only play once per inning and may only be replaced by player he is replacing.

Two points for three points means that when setter is in first line, only 2 attack points remain in first line (main attack and additional attack). 3 attack points

Each team has only two time-outs per inning.

October 13, 2023