Air volleyball class - how to make a good overhand serve

Air volleyball class - how to make a good overhand serve

Pitching ball is beginning of attack. The value of a good ball delivery is in a preemptive shot. He can directly score or point out opponent's weakness, destroying opponent's formation, tactical formations, etc.; A bad serve will allow opponent to calmly organize attack, and put side at disadvantage of a grueling defense."

Today, I'm basically going to introduce you to front feed from above.

When serving from front, player stands facing net, which makes it easier to observe opponent, thus increasing accuracy of serve, while at same time it is easier to control landing point, and athletes with high arms and strong arm strength use this method to better serve threat .


Basic Actions

Air volleyball class - how to make a good overhand serve

(1) Ready Position

Facing net, stand in a natural position, both feet in front and behind, left foot in front, right behind, left hand holding ball in front of stomach.

(2)Swinging arm throw

The left hand smoothly throws ball over front of right shoulder at a medium height. While throwing ball, raise right arm while bending and pull back, elbow joint is on same level with shoulder, palm is naturally open in shape of a spoon, upper body is slightly turned to right, weight of body is transferred to left leg.

(3) Rock ball

When hitting ball, place your feet on ground, quickly twist your upper body to left, quickly pull your stomach in, move your hands over your right shoulder to swing faster, and hit back, middle, and bottom of ball with your entire palm. When hitting ball, arms must be fully extended, and palms and wrists must be pushed quickly and clearly so that ball goes forward with topspin. After hitting ball, quickly enter game.


Technical details

The key points of technique are throwing ball, swinging arm in a straight line, short hits and force passing through center of gravity of ball< /strong> >.

The direction of ball's force changes every moment from touching ball to moment ball leaves hand, and pushing effect of wrist makes ball fly with top spin to increase spin force. According to opponent's on-the-spot changes, ball can be sent with different arcs, speed, power, landing points and characteristics.

Air volleyball class - how to make a good overhand serve
Air volleyball class - how to make a good overhand serve

(1) Position Selection

Based on characteristics of your serving technique, choose a position according to your serving efficiency and target you want to attack. A straight serve may be closer to edge of court, while a slant serve may be closer to touchline.

(2) Preparation

Before serving, athlete must have courage and confidence to score a goal with one blow, observe receiving position and position of opponent, and choose a target to attack in order to directly score or destroy opponent's attacking technique.

(3) Throwing ball

Using left arm lift and body coordination, pinball ball up and throw it 50 cm above front of right shoulder to improve accuracy of hitting ball. Do not pull your wrist back when throwing ball so as not to turn ball and cause an incorrect hit on ball.

Throwing ball forward may cause hand to push ball, making it difficult for ball to go over net;

Throwing ball from behind will not have full effect of twisting and pulling in belly;

Throwing ball too high, it's hard to catch moment of impact;

Tossing ball too low can easily lead to insufficient backswing power.

(4) hitting ball

Kicking ground with both feet, move your arms to swing while standing and turning to give ball more kicking power; large hand drives forearm, forearm drives wrist, and finally passes it on with hand so that palm can get more acceleration; when hitting ball, hit back, middle, and bottom of ball with your whole palm to get a larger impact area.


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Air volleyball class - how to make a good overhand serve

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Air volleyball class - how to make a good overhand serve

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