What are attacking formations of air volleyball? come see

What are attacking formations of air volleyball? come see

What are attacking formations of air volleyball? come see

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

Some characteristics of air volleyball, this is a new sport that is becoming more and more popular.

The intensity of exercises in air volleyball is moderate, technical and tactical requirements are low, speed of ball is low, there are many balls back and forth, and it is very interesting.

In addition, air volleyball courts are informal and equipment is economical and affordable, suitable for playing in a variety of venues.

If you want to learn how to play air volleyball, you might find following resources helpful.

In air volleyball, two service patterns are commonly used: a 5-player reception and a 4-player reception.

▼5 people accept and serve formation

The players on both sides are divided into three in front row and two in back row.

The left side of front row is #4, middle side is #3, right side is #2, left side of back row is #5, right side is #1. .

When assessing incorrect position of a player when serving ball, one should proceed from what part of player's body is on ground. players in same row must not overtake or be parallel.

That is, player in position 4 must not stand to right of players 3 and 2, and player 2 must not stand in front of or parallel to players 3 and 4. Otherwise, right to concede ball is awarded or counted against opponent.

The server and player at position 5 are not constrained by their position. At beginning of each game, players on field must stand in order indicated in position table and cannot be changed during game.

In new inning, positions of players of each team may be changed.

This receiving and serving pattern is only suitable for teams that have poor receiving and serving ability and need to step back to catch ball. The advantage is that many people are involved in receiving and serving, which can relatively guarantee quality of reception of ball, and disadvantage is that this does not contribute to rapid organization of attacks.

▼4 people receive and serve formation

Players on both sides are divided into two players in front row and two players in back row (the standard may refer to "five players" system).

The four players receiving serve are setters and do not participate in receiving of serve, and remaining 4 players are responsible for zone.

Standing methods: 1-2-1-1 or 1-2-2.

This position is used by most teams today.

The advantage is that this facilitates a quick organization of attack, and disadvantage is that there is a gap in field.

What are attacking formations of air volleyball? come see

What are attacking formations of air volleyball? come see

Spike protection includes two links: blocking and protection of back line.

Blocking is first line of defense that can hold back opponent's attacking abilities, reduce defensive pressure of back line, and create opportunities for counterattacks.

▼Don't block defensive formation

In game, sometimes opponent's tactics change a lot, and block of his side is upset, as a result of which no one blocks block.

In this case, you can only flexibly choose positions according to changes in place and strive to protect ball.

The positioning method is similar to receiving and giving positions.

▼Defensive formation under a single block

Defensive formation in single blocking, when enemy's offensive power is weak, line changes little, or due to confusion of enemy tactics, it is too late to organize a collective block with corresponding position of attacking opponent Blocking defensive formation.

Another scheme is that no matter what position opponent attacks, it is 3rd position of their side that blocks net.

▼Defensive formation under double block

When opponent's offensive power is strong and line changes a lot, one block is not enough to block opponent's attack. At this time, a double block defensive scheme should be adopted.

In a double block, players in front row and one of their own players or another player join grid to form a double block.

There are two defensive formations, one for later defense and one for fall defense.

▼Defensive formation under a block of three

Used when opponent's crushing player is aggressive, with a lot of line changes and few crosses, mainly used to block a strong opponent attack.

What are attacking formations of air volleyball? come see

What are attacking formations of air volleyball? come see

Air volleyball is gaining popularity because it is a sport that is both healthy and enjoyable.

Air volleyball is a sport suitable for people of all ages as it requires moderate exercise intensity, low technical and tactical requirements, low ball speed, a lot of back and forth balls and a lot of fun.

If you're also into air volleyball, invite a few friends over to play air volleyball together. This will not only strengthen your body, but also strengthen your friendship.

October 18, 2023