Defeat enemy with one move! The air volleyball hook technique makes you strongest on field!

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

The air volleyball hook is one of most common offensive moves in air volleyball.

In air volleyball, offense is a very important part, and hook is a very effective way of attacking.

The characteristic of hook strike is that it is powerful, can increase spike point, expand attack surface, has strong concealment, and is not easy for opponent to block.

Hooking can keep an advantageous attacking position when setter passes to far net, and can compensate for disadvantages of jumping or running past ball early.

A hook shot usually breaks corrective and long tennis balls from the backcourt.

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

When performing hook technique, rotate your left shoulder to net on last step of run, or rotate your left shoulder to net in air after jump. The upper part of body is slightly raised and slightly turned to right, right shoulder is lowered.

When right hand is placed in front of face, it should quickly move away from body and straighten, palm up and five fingers slightly spoon-shaped. When hitting ball, turn your body sharply to left and pull your stomach in to control movement of your arm and hit ball like a powerful hook.

The arm to strike must be fully extended and bent upwards. Hit back, middle and bottom of ball with a full palm at highest point above front of head and turn to face net after hitting ball.

Because right shoulder rises higher when hitting ball, left foot often lands first when hitting ball. To avoid injury to your left foot, try to land on both feet at same time, transitioning from sole of your front foot to sole of your foot, and simultaneously bend your knee at waist to cushion force of fall and prepare for next move.

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

The main points of hook technique are two points:

First, after taking off, you must keep your body between ball and net so that you can easily grab ball;

Second, you must make full use of movement of stomach to force hand to hit ball in order to hit ball with force.

The crochet technique takes some practice and skill.

Here are some ways to practice crochet technique:

1. Basic movement exercises

Before practicing hook technique, you need to practice some basic moves first.

For example, practice basic moves such as run-up, take-off, and arm swings to familiarize yourself with rhythm and movement of air volleyball games.

2. Air Throw Practice

The air tossing exercise is a very effective way to practice your hooking technique.

During practice, you can let your teammates toss ball into air and then practice hooking yourself.

This will help player get used to movement and rhythm of hook.

3. Practicing a diagonal attack

Diagonal attack drills are another very effective way to practice your hook technique.

During practice, you can pass diagonally and then practice with a hook.

This will help players become familiar with how to use hook technique to attack during game.

4. Practice

Finally, actual combat practice is most important way to master hook technique.

Only by constantly practicing in real combat can you truly master hook strike technique.

During competition, you can try using hook technique to gain experience and improve your technical level.

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

In addition to above teaching methods, there are other precautions that can help players get better at hook technique:

1. Pay attention to power control

The hook throw technique requires some strength, but excessive force can cause ball to go out of bounds or be blocked by an opponent.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to control of strength during practice, make sure that strength is moderate, and do not use excessive force.

2. Pay attention to height and angle of ball

The hook technique is that ball goes past blocker, so you need to pay attention to height and angle of hit.

Generally speaking, height of throw should be higher than blocker's, and angle should be moderate, neither too flat nor too slanted.

3. Pay attention to rhythm and sense of rhythm

The hook technique requires a certain sense of rhythm, so when practicing, you need to pay attention to rhythm and a sense of rhythm.

Generally speaking, action of hook should be smooth and natural, not too blunt and hard.

4. Pay attention to balance and stability of body

The hook technique must be performed in air, so attention must be paid to balance and stability of the body.

Generally speaking, you should keep your body steady when you jump, and not shake or lose your balance so that you can perform your hook strike better.

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

The hook technique is a very important technique in game of air volleyball and can provide valuable points for team in game.

However, it takes a lot of practice and real combat training to truly master this technique. Only through constant practice and real combat will you be able to gradually master hook technique and play at a higher level in game.

At same time, you also need to pay attention to technical details and precautions to better complete hook action.

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October 22, 2023