Training in technique of receiving and serving in air volleyball.

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

Air volleyball is a recent sport in our country. Because it has characteristics of intimacy, entertainment and fitness, it is more convenient to perform. Therefore, this sport has become a popular sport. Fitness sport that people love.

The comfortable nature of air volleyball has made it popular in our country. If you want to win a game of air volleyball, you must master correct posture of receiving and serving (holding ball). get more points.

No matter what game is, point is to score more and win game, and same is true for air volleyball.

Whether it's individual tactics or teamwork, goal is to score. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to improve skills of receiving and serving in air volleyball and teaching methods.

With popularization of air volleyball, people's love for air volleyball has also led to rapid development of air volleyball ball return technology. According to my own habits, movements involved in holding ball are relatively random and not scientifically prepared.

In order to accurately master basic technique of receiving and serving, it is necessary to explain basic principles of keeping ball in air and other technical movements.

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

The long-term development of air volleyball requires correct posture training

In recent years, sports have been developing rapidly in our country. Air volleyball has become popular with ordinary people because of its entertainment and health characteristics. Higher demands are made on its own quality and technique.

With development of air volleyball technology, people will inevitably have doubts during training. Since air volleyball is competitive, do we need to reinforce air volleyball holding training?

Many people think that air volleyball is more practical as long as it achieves purpose of entertainment and fitness, so they think that correct movement of holding ball is not so important in sports, and accuracy is ignored in sports and Obviously, this kind of false statement is wrong, because people have not yet correctly understood connotation of air volleyball.

When looking at growth trajectory of athletes, most important reason why great athletes can perform various complex movements is that they have mastered basic ball-handling posture correctly.

No matter how complex movement is, when decomposing this movement, it can be a combination of some basic movements, technical actions.

Therefore, correct posture of holding ball is an essential quality of an excellent athlete, as well as a necessity for sustainable development of air volleyball in future.

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

Analysis of relationship between teaching correct hold and mechanics of air volleyball

Learning how to handle ball can make passing smart and smooth.

The correct basic posture for holding ball includes standing position of body, as well as technique and posture when receiving and receiving ball. If movements in these two aspects meet requirements of basic movements, then air volleyball stance is most standard.

Below is an example of holding ball with left hand to analyze basics of ball possession in practice:

2.1 Air volleyball stance analysis while training holding movements

Standing is main posture for learning to handle ball. In standing position, toes of both feet should be slightly apart, and width of both legs should correspond to width of shoulders. Relatively strong support, keep your chest and stomach pulled in and look towards air volleyball. During this series of movements, muscles of body must be relaxed to keep body in balance.

Proper stance is basis of all ball-handling motions, it can ensure continuity of entire receiving and serving motion, and only in a combined motion can loss caused by dissipation of force during motion be reduced.

2.2 Analysis of relationship between ball handling technique and posture in air volleyball

In process of holding ball, technique of holding ball is also a very important link.

During many real inspections of air volleyball games, author found that when catching ball, only when entire palm is in contact with ball can ball be securely gripped by hand, which is also most correct way to catch ball.

When serving ball, wrist and fingers should be slightly relaxed, and wrist should be bent forward accordingly so that air volleyball will fly forward and upward in a parabolic trajectory.

In process of serving ball, three main parts: shoulders, elbows and wrists should be in line with air volleyball in sagittal plane.

By using this method to receive and serve ball, contact area between palm and air volleyball can be maximized, ball becomes more stable in palm, and palm control of air volleyball is enhanced.

The entire movement of holding ball shows that body of athlete is a single whole, and connections between various parts are mutual.

In other words, in air volleyball, if you want to fully control effect of force, most important thing is to ensure accuracy of each movement and posture.

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

Air volleyball is a new portable sports item created by our country, which is welcomed by general public.

In air volleyball, holding ball is a very important link. Proper ball handling training is essential to perform well at this stage.

Precise and science-based ball-handling movements can help students avoid detours in sports, coordinate their body strength, and win games.

October 24, 2023