Analysis of five force points in spike technique in air volleyball

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

Air volleyball is a team game with a ball. Individual skills have a big impact on performance of whole team. Therefore, in air volleyball, we must not only pay attention to cooperation of whole team, but also influence individual ability of players. attach great importance.

Especially in spike technique, standardization of his movements and force points are key points in teaching and learning. The elbow joint, each force point has its own spike technique, and effect of spike is also different, so in training itself, special attention should be paid to training these five power points, which can increase performance of an athlete in game, actual aggressiveness.

Times are moving fast, and physical fitness of air volleyball players has also improved significantly. In addition, requirements of modern air volleyball rules are constantly being improved, and criteria for blocking fouls have been relaxed. The ability to break through difficulty of opponent's block, so it is necessary to improve player's hissing skills.

Analyze sharp technical movements of players from five points of power, and come up with more effective training methods and teaching methods for air volleyball, so that athletes can better understand and understand connection of hitting ball in air so that they can be more active. To adopt peak technical movement training, it will also allow athletes to understand characteristics of various power points and movement process of power points, and finally improve ability of athletes to block and attack.

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

Analyze movements of five force points in air volleyball spike technique

1. Analyze technique of introducing force points into abdominal cavity.

The spiked ball's power point is in center of abdomen. The overall center of gravity of athlete must coincide with hip joint and then rotate around axis to complete action of spike. At this time, shoulder joint, wrist joint, chest and elbow joints will be in a straight line to draw largest radius of maneuver.

The most obvious feature of this power point part is that it is powerful, but downside is relatively slow transmission speed.

In addition, belly is used as a point of force to perform action of spike. After back movement of arm is completed, chest and abdomen are stretched, and body assumes an anti-bending posture to pre-stretch initial length of respective muscles. The speed and force generated by rapid contraction are transmitted to shoulder joint, elbow joint, wrist joint in turn and finally transferred to fingertip.

It produces most explosive power and is suitable for attacking in back line and jumping serves.

2. Spike analysis with breast as driving point.

When piercing with chest as point of application of force, common center of gravity of spiker is same as chest, and crusher rotates around axis to complete piercing, and wrist joint, elbow joint, shoulder joint and chest on same side The maximum turning radius can be drawn from straight.

Its characteristic is that its strength is only less than that of Spiked Belly Ball, and its speed is slightly higher than that of Belly. effort is completed by raising striking arm, and explosive force is transferred to shoulder joint.

3. Analysis of spikes with shoulder joint as a point of force.

In process of hitting ball with shoulder joint as point of force, common center of gravity of hit coincides with shoulder joint and rotates around shoulder joint to complete hit, and wrist joint, elbow joint and shoulder joint are on same side. The maximum turning radius can be drawn in a straight line .

Its stat is that its strength is inferior to that of chest, and its speed is slightly higher than that of chest.

4. Analysis of impacts on elbow joint as a point of force.

During punching with elbow joint as point of force, center of gravity of crusher is basically same as overall center of gravity when human body is in a vertical position, but at this time, axis of rotation of punching ball must end with elbow joint The ball makes maximum turning radius with wrist joint and elbow joint on same side.

It is characterized by low strength and high speed, and swing of hand has characteristics of a quick and sudden strike.

5. Impact analysis with wrist joint as power point.

In process of hitting spikes with wrist joint as point of force, center of gravity of spike is basically same as overall center of gravity when human body is upright, but rotation axis of spike ball must complete wrist joint as axis of maximum radius of rotation draw fingertips and wrist joint on one side.

Characterized by least force and greatest speed. Wrist piercing starts from wrist joint and does not use force transmitted by waist, chest, shoulders and elbow joints, suitable for quick wiping, quick adjustment and fastening of probe balls.

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

Five Points of Power Spiking Technique

1. Methodology for teaching five points of force for spike technique.

In air volleyball, students are most interested in breaking technique. It is easy for students to ignore unique characteristics of smashing technique and focus only on short-term effect of smashing and then only focus on smashing. However, practice of other technologies is ignored. At this time, it is necessary to effectively guide students in learning process.

The spike technique in air volleyball is relatively complex, it is best to use method of combining decomposed training and full training in learning process, and learning process is carried out from training without ball to training with ball.

(1) Explain application of Model Law.

In order for students to understand correct concept of movement, teachers must use simple language to explain most important points in explanation, and they must speak according to prescribed sequence of movements.

When teacher demonstrates movement, movement should be accurate enough and force of hitting ball should be moderate, so that students can clearly see main points of technical movement and correct point of hitting ball, and also let students can clearly observe swinging skills , hitting technique, and ball spin and radian so that students can understand look and feel of action in whole process of breaking ball. Slow down so that students can see clearly.

(2) Application of decomposition and connection method.

When decomposing and linking movements, let students first feel five power points of body while performing peak power, and then give students a deeper understanding of each technical movement of power sequence.

After understanding, have students practice self-throws and hitting wall or net, or practice in groups of two so that they can feel power of five force-producing parts when hitting ball. Experience and also experience effect of hitting ball, which can enhance experience of breaking ball.

During online training, coach can act as a setter, pass ball higher, and then train students' playing skills in various positions. be improved.

2. A technique for training five points of strength of spike technique.

In process of practicing air volleyball strikes, a technical training method with five force points is usually used.

In a specific application process, use of five-point force training methods in spike technique must be taught separately, and coach must guide and correct technical movements of each spike force point of air volleyball coach.

In process of teaching air volleyball players to hit starting point of power in air, content of athlete's guidenew is that athletes should fully understand situation of air volleyball flight in air, so as to promote definition of various power points, increase rationality and aggressiveness of piercing, and this places higher demands on physical fitness of athletes, so in daily training process, it is necessary to strengthen physical fitness training of athletes so that athletes have a high level of spike skills.

To love air volleyball is an attitude to life!

In teaching and training, coaches should gradually develop correct pimple skills in students by teaching pimple techniques at various points of power. Correct deficiencies in learning ball skills.

Studding technique with different power points plays a big role and plays an important role in learning and training air volleyball technique.

October 25, 2023